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There has not been a single theme to the news in Washington. We were all looking 50 miles away at what was happening in Baltimore. We were all looking half way around the world watching what was happening in Nepal. And there is now a second candidate running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. But as you look down the following list you can see that a good deal of work occurred in Washington.


1) President Responds to MCRMC’s Recommendations

2) HASC Adopts $612 Billion NDAA/Next Stop the Full House

3) Iwo Jima Memorial Going To Get New Cleaning/Restoration

4) DHA Releases Final Version RFP for TRICARE 2017 Contract

5) ThanksUSA Offers Scholarships to Children, Spouses of U.S. Troops

6) National VA Research Week Celebrated Across the Country

7) Women Veterans Voices YouTube Live Event


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News for the Enlisted Monday May 4, 2015

President Larry Hyland Requests Feedback From You

In the President's Message in the March 2015 issue of The Voice (p. 6), President Hyland discusses several options the board and staff are considering to contain the high cost of printing and mailing The Voice. One option discussed in the article is going to a semi-annual publication with a potential change to format and content, and continuing the other months with a portable document file (.pdf) format that can be downloaded and printed. Another option, further reducing costs, would be producing just the .pdf format for all issues. Please read the full article (click here) for complete details.


Before further discussion and refinement is pursued, President Hyland would like membership feedback, comments, etc. regarding publishing The Voice magazine two times a year (semi-annual) or elimination of the printed magazine altogether, prior to 20 April. You can email your thoughts on this matter to President Hyland at lhyland2@cfl.rr.com

U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Crystal Cash, a boom operator with the 91st Air Refueling Squadron, refuels an F-15 Eagle aircraft attached to the 125th Fighter Wing during Vigilant Shield 15 over the United States. Vigilant Shield is a weeklong annual exercise designed to emphasize an integrated Department of Defense and civil response in support of the national strategy of aerospace warning and control, defense support of civil authorities and homeland defense. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Brandon Shapiro)



 TREA: The Enlisted Association has just received information from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald regarding the VA's Choice Card.

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All Veterans Eligible for VA Dental Coverage

The U. S. Government has authorized a national dental insurance program for Veterans enrolled in Veterans Affairs health care and individuals  enrolled in VA's CHAMPVA program.



VA is partnering with Delta Dental and MetLife to allow eligible Veterans, plus family members enrolled in(CHAMPVA), to purchase affordable dental insurance now. There are no eligibility limitations based on service-connected disability rating or enrollment priority assignment. Complete an application on-line through either Delta Dental: www.deltadentalvadip.org, or

MetLife: www.metlife.com/vadip

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