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Clifford Moore stationed at Aviano AB Italy 1963-1969. He was in Vehicle Maintenance. Last known was in Wichita Falls, TX. POCL Edward Valverde, edwardvalverde@att.net


Members of the RAF Upper Heyford, England in the 3918th Combat Support Group (SAC) -- Jim Berry, Bennie L. Moore, Lloyd Humphry (Humphries), William T. Martin, Thomas L. Booker, Jack Porter, Clavin L. Nixon, Jim G. McDaniel, Herb Charbonneau, Jim Watson, and William Smith. POCL James Seymour, seymour116@msn.com, 845-454-6641


Members of Platoon 1040, San Diego (July 1968). POC: Stephen Norpel, 563-451-8417, snorpel@yahoo.com


William Campbell, with the US Navy, stationed in San Diego during 1966 -67. POC: Sharon Walling, yoursong44@yahoo.com


Robert Bruce Chapin, an AE who was in VS-38 at North Island in 1954-1955. POC: Bob Runion, s2f@cox.net

Charles Rose, stationed in Dolan Barracks Schwabish Hall (West Germany) 1955-56. Might have been born in Michigan. POC: B.R. Krissler, wkrissler@arcor.de


Basic Training Drill Sgt SSG Covington, B-8-2 Ft Bragg, NC (Oct-Dec 1967). He was in the 82nd Airborn in the Dominican Republic and then went to Vietnam with the 173rd Airborn Bde. POC: Bob Finn, rbfinn@comcast.net


Micheal Nelson who was in basic training around 1973 at Chanute AFB, Illinois. POC: C. Holman, CYHolman@aol.com


Anthony Manzo, stationed in the medic section 3rd Med Tank Bn, 37th Armor, 7th Army, at Conn Barracks, Germany, 1959-61. POC: Bruce Martin, bmartin167@tampabay.rr.com


Robert Earl Williams, stationed at Fort Knox 1963-1964. POC: Bruce Martin, bmartin167@tampabay.rr.com

Mary Torres, U.S. Air Force, stationed at Yokota, AFB in the early 70s. She lived in the women’s barracks on Tachikawa. He married an airman, George House, but divorced. She transferred to Vandenburg AFB in California. POC: Sue Mixon, smixson@nc.rr.com


Anyone assigned to Marseille Airport with the Air Force in the mid 1950s – Det 2 Headquarters Bordeaux Air Base. POC: Lou Lachance, lucanb@aol.com


Lee Taylor or Taylor Lee who was stationed at Fort Hood in August 1967. He may have been from New Jersey. POC: Colette Wells, Colette.wells@aol.com


Lee Taylor, stationed in Boot Camp in the Navy in Chicago, then transferred to Hawaii in the late 1970s. POC: Jamison Travis, principal@travisinvestigations.com 512-447-6331, PO Box 33281, Austin, TX 78764.


Individuals who worked with me in Songbe VN; specifically Sgt Alexander, Army NCOIC Songbe Compound, AF Sgt Cummings, Sgt Wells, Sgt Schnieder, TDY from 8 APS, Tan Son Nhut AB to Songbe to support airlift operations ground forces. My TDY to Songbe was from Nov 68 to Apr 69. POC: Juan S. Silva, 210-289-3609, juan363673@yahoo.com


Shipmates from the USS Renville APA 227 who served in Vietnam in 1966. POC: FTG3 Todd Cole, t.cole46@hotmail.com, 505 429 3165.


Sgt or MSgt Wayne Parsons who served in Guam Anderson AFB (1986-87). POC: Jayne Bogus, jaynebogus@yahoo.com


My Dad, Jerry Martin. He was from somewhere in Oklahoma (possibly Laverne). He was born in 1941. He was tall and slender, sandy blond hair, green eyes. We lived on NW 7th in Oklahoma City when I was born on 2/27/63 and moved to Will Rogers Courts on SW 15th. My Mom seems to think he was a Paratrooper and did at least one tour in Vietnam. He was stabbed at the Snug Club in Oklahoma City (it made the papers). I have never seen a picture of him. POC: Patricia Jones-Hernandez, Box 5412, Norman, OK 73070, 405-414-7507, jspeyeangel@yahoo.com


Army Sergeant Cook, William Edwards (or Edward Williams) who was stationed in S. Korea around 1959 on Camp Indian in Ouijonbu City Kyonggi Do. The base was very small behind some local homes. He was tall with blond hair and freckles. He would be about 85 years old today. POC: Karen Ammons, grace4me5255@carolina.rr.com


Information on Swift Strike III held in Carolina’s in 1963. POCL SP5 A. Damato, tond1@aol.com


Robert Charles Ellis, stationed at Alameda, CA, 1960-64. He married a woman named Marry Ann, and they lived in San Diego when he got out of the Navy. POC: A.J. Ward, warda@stancounty.com


Daniel H, who was an M.P. as a stockade guard at Fort Mead, MD (1964-65). He was friends with Sharon Pabis. POC: Chris MacDonald, cmacdo1188@aol.com


John P. Nichols who was a musician in the Army. He played the piano and bass guitar. I’m trying to reunite him with his friend James T. Allen (saxophone player). They were both at Ft. Rucker, AL (1969-71). John was in James wedding in 1969 (Leaksville, MS). James now lives in Virginia Beach, VA. POC: Becky Lyles, hatterus@gmail.com, 757-461-7777.


David Rosario, Emery Barracks, Wurzburg-Zell 1965, U.S. Army. POC: rudysubscriptions@gmail.com


I’m searching for individuals who worked with me in Songbe Vietman from November 1968 to April to 1969. I’m hoping someone will contact me because I need to update my VA records regarding being in country. Records were never put in my files that prove I was there. I was assigned to 8 APS Tan Son Nhut AB VN and did TDY duty in Songbe. My search is for Sgt. Alexander Army NCOIC Songbe Compound, Air Force Personnel Sgt. Cummings, Sgt. Wells and Sgt. Schnieder TDY from Tan Son Nhut to Songbe to support Airlift Operations to army ground forces. If anyone knows how to reach any of these gentlemen, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL ME – Juan Silva to 210-289-3609 or juan363673@yahoo.com.


A woman named Debbie (can’t remember her last name). She was at Osan AB Korea (1979-80) with the 51st CES Electricians. Does anyone have the 1980 51st CES yearbook? I think she was an E-3, and she was an electrician. POC: Lance Snead, info@sirlantz.com


Sgt Paul Rissler and 1SG (then SFC) Charles Leonard. Both were from Oklahome and served with me from 1977-1979, HHC 3/47th Inf, 9th ID, Ft Lewis, WA/ POC: Dave Stroop dave7sfg@gmail.com


Anyone who served aboard USS Diachenko from commissioning on. POC: Walt DeFelice, 619-460-7184, warla@att.net


Anyone from the 387th Trans, Company Qui Nion Vietnam (1966-67), particularly Roberto Garcia (might be in Corpus Christi, TX), Fernandez, and Gary Burbank. My name is Roy Cortez. If you have info, contact my sister, Ava Ybarra (ybarrayogi@yahoo.com)


Ramon Rosario, who was stationed in Aschaffenburg Germany (1969-70). He is my brother’s father. My brother was born 5-1-71. POC: fondgentleman01@yahoo.co


Anyone with the 50th Ordnance Co, Dolan Barracks Schwabisch Hall, Hessental Germany (1965-68). We started a website: www.facebook.com/groups/150252621829284/


Stephen & Meribel Wright. Stationed in Sri Lanka (Nov 2000-Aug 2003). POC: Shirley & Bill Tingey, shirleytingey@yahoo.com


Any information about Jimmie Baker, U.S. Army, Heilbronn Germany – Wharton Barracks, 1946. POC: William Baird whbaird@mvcci.com


SP4 Randolf Keyy, 545 MP Co, Ft Eustis, VA (1966). He went into PMIB and went on to Vietnam (Dec 1966). POC: “Snow” – Nick Snow, pilotsnj@hotmail.com


Anyone with the USMC Platoon 386, MCRD Parris Island, SC (graduated Aug 27, 1968). Company Commander was Capt. M.C. Bell, Series Officer was 1Lt W.H. Thrower, SDI was SSgt SC Magana and ADIs were SSgts BE Webb Jr and PA Yeager. We are hoping to organize a possible reunion. POC: Roman Milanowicz at roman.milanowicz@gmail.com, 717-278-5634.

Jack Willis. He is my Father, and was stationed at Barksdale AFB, LA, between 1959-1961. POC with any information: Brenda Cook, haw_y_e@msn.com

Anyone I was stationed with in the U.S. Army at Fort Leonard. POC: Henry Wylie, 267-235-0453.

Dewey Hall of Briston TN and Ted Gilbert of Wichita Falls TX. POC: Fred Hickey, fredhickey@sbcglobal.net

Bob Baker, who was retired from Company D, Marine Corps, stationed at Fort Davis in Panama (1995-1996). I believe he moved to Arizona when he retired from the service. POC: Guadalupe De Hoyos, gdehoyos@pasap.com.pa

Fred Rollins, his father’s name was Richard, and he was from Oklahoma. He was in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk, VA. He lived in the barracks in 1997. He was medically discharged, and was sent home, and we lost touch. POC: vacancycleaning@verizon.net

Anyone stationed with the 76th ARS at Hickham Field, Hawaii, 1964-1966. POC: Thomas Fernandez, tomteaco@gmail.com

William “Bill” “Murph” Murphy stationed at Ft Benning, GA in 1962. He was from Massachusetts, and discharged from Ft Benning in late 1962. He might have been in the motor pool of the 577th Engineers. POC: Dianne Starling, mds616@att.net

Anyone with the 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team (ARCT 1951-1957). Looking for info about my father, Albert Arellano. I believe he trained in Georgia. POC: Joann Arellano Torres, joann.p.torres.ctr@mail.mil

A service man who was on leave after bootcamp in Shaker Heights, OH. It was late Autumn 1973. He gave a stranded kid “Charlie” a ride when his car broke down near Euclid Creek. POC: Michele Piane, michelepiane@yahoo.com

Anyone with the Wurzburg Hospital in German in the 1950s. The hospital has served the US Military since the end of WWII. I am specifically looking for Dr. Timothy “Tim” Norris (Noris?) who worked there about 1952. POC: Manfred Wenninger, mwenni@web.de

Anyone that served in 595st Engr. Co (LE) primarily Vietnam era. POCL Ken Kiel, kcconst@wi.rr.com

Anyone who served under Col Harry Roderick (1944-46). He was the Commander of the 5054 Signal Aircraft warning Battalion. He is 99 years old this year, and we are trying to fill in some gaps in his memory. Please contact me Butch Beedle: beedle4@att.net

James T. Russell, SP4, RA12922950, stationed at Long Bihn, South Vietnam. He had a mailing address in 1968-69 of San Francisco. POC: Simon Lim, simonlim.photos@gmail.com

Leon Dickens, stationed at Norfolk NOB on the tugpiers (1979-82). He was a BM, not sure of his rank. I think he was from Dallas, TX. POC: Allison Green, wantabraptured@yahoo.com


Anyone who knew my father, SSgt Robert Eichel, US Army. He was stationed in the Philippines in 1945-46. He was in the Corps of Engineers in power production. POC: Robert Eichel (Maj, USAF-ret) rfeichel@earthlink.net.


Any information about my father, James Ensor. I don’t know much about him other than he was in the US Marine Corps. He was stationed in Subic Base 1973-1974. POC: Jean Diaz, jda.jeandiaz@yahoo.com


Ken B. Williams, Jet Engine Mechanic, USAF-NAHA AFB Okinawa (1967-69), Offut AFB (1969-71), Minot AFB (1971-74), and Goose Bay Labrador (1975). POC: Deanna Shuster, srcit43@gmail.com, 417-664-2268


A picture of Donald Randall. He was stationed in Bad Kreuznach with the 8th Infantry Division, SJA office, 1960-61. POC: Doris Carr, doriscarr25@yahoo.de


Sgt Richard L. Greene, who was a Marine recruiter in 1985 at Adair County High School in Columbia, KY. POC: Pam (Conover) Popplewell, a1.ad.designs@gmail.com


“Carp” Carpenter. He was an age mechanic in the 1st Air Calvary Division at An Kay in 1965, 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion. POCL Charlie Ramstetter, clazy3@gmail.com


Rick Bradshaw, who was stationed at RAF Alconbury England in 1978-79. POC: Wendy Hayes, hairdresser_7@hotmail.co.uk


Radioman Wayne Burgeouis from Slidell, LA. We were in Radioman “A” school in Bainbridge, MD 1970-71. He went to Iceland and I went to Guantanamo. He is last known on the USS America in 1973. POC: Byron Bernhard bdb2115@verizon.net


Anyone with the Transmitter Site, Radio Point Road Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, (1971-72). Worked for RMC MacPherson. Specifically Charlie (from Memphis), Okie (From Norman, OK), and Smitty (from Massachusetts). All were radiomen who worked at the transmitter site. POC: Byron Bernhard bdb2115@verizon.net


Fred Battle (or Battles) from Philadelphia, PA. He was stationed at Langley AFB (1966-67). POCL Cheryl Simmons Cumpton, cscrumpton@earthlink.net


Willie Kelly who was in the U.S. Army and was stationed at Fort Davis/Gulick. He was a Master Sergeant 1968-72. POC: Carole Bryan, perkicb@aol.com


Anyone who served with Paul Hayre Hyde. He was with the Golden Arrow Division (1955-58) in Germany. His grave marker says PVT 97 General Hosp. He was born 2-19-37 and died 1-11-58. He was transferred to an England hospital where he died. His family lives in Michigan. POC: Juana Fortier jlf048@att.net


Anyone who served in the 7260th Support Squadron, Camp Lindsey, Wiesbaden, Germany (1954-57). POC: Floyd Bradshaw, floydbradshaw@sbcglobal.net


Kathleen Larkins, born about 1950. Stationed at Ft. McClellan in 1970. She was raised by a Mr. & Mrs. Phillips, and was medically discharged due to a back injury. POC: Charles Hurst, 720 SE Gordon Hurst Rd, Branford, FL 32008, 386-362-9117, asap@windstream.net


Anyone that remembers a training accident on the tank range at Ft. Stewart, GA in 1961. POC: Jon McGee, 502-939-6620, joninparadise@aol.com


Reginald Ventrez Peterson, HM3 USS Forestral (1992). We are a French family who took care of many US Sailors. He was in the Gulf War, and was stationed in Marseille, France. His girlfriend was named Blenda. He had a daughter, and a son who died in a car accident. POC: Miss Sibille Marie, prvcetatsunis@aol.com


Any shipsfitters assigned to the USS Independence  May 1957-Oct 1960. POC: Ed Colvin, pi64152@gmail.com

Raymond Charles Conway stationed at Ft Benning, GA, 1975-76 for basic training. He was scheduled to go to Korea. POC: Vicki Cooper, victorius70x7@gmail.com


Anyone who was involved or knew any “Haskins Hounds”, RB 50G Recon in Yokota (1955). POC: Cathy O’Donnell, cathylmft@gmail.com


Anyone that served at Fort Hood, TX in 1966 with the 57th Signal Corps. I need pictures of the barracks and the helicopter training pad. Does anyone have hearing disability from that time/place? Need a “buddy letter”. POC: Howard Davis, overhome2@charter.net


Anyone who served in the U.S. Army Chemical Arsenal, Rocky Mountain, Arsenal, Denver, (May 1960 – May 1962. POC: dmoritzj@aim.com


Master Sgt Norman Derryberry of the Iowa Air Guard. Last seen at RAF Waddington, England in late 70s. POC: John Laws, registrar@lawsfamilyregister@org.uk


A1C John W. Collins, U.S. Air Force, who was stationed at LAFB, near Columbus, OH, in 1965 with the 301st Air Refueling Wing. We would love to hear from you if you have contact information, photos, stories or any other information. POC: Trudi LeMaster, tclemaster@yahoo.com.


Ronald Cross, stationed at Parris Island (1981), Beaufort, SC. I am trying to help my best friend locate his Father. Any info can be sent to antawannamiller@hotmail.com


Anyone stationed at 13th Signal Battalion, 1st Cav Division, Fort Hood, TX (1971-73). POC: fender29gilbert@yahoo.com


Anyone who served in the 555 TFS or 433 TFS at Ubon AFB Thailand, 1966-67. POC: Robert “Andy” Anderson, Jr., 11211 S Military Trail, Apt 5513, Boynton Beach, FL 33436-7242, 561-248-9720, ande8492@bellsouth.net


Frederico Diaz (my father) who was a Spec 4 with the Medical Corp in Franfurt, West Germany in 1957-1958. He was born in Ludlow, CA on August 6, 1931. He was from Las Vegas, NV and stationed in Fort Ord. He married my Mom in Sept 1957, and they divorced in Dec 1958. I know he remarried and had more children. POC: Nancy Harmon, nance.harmon@gmail.com


Anyone with the 618th Engr Co (LE)(ABN) from 1957-1960. I was the company clerk and would like to find buddies I went through Jump School with. POC: Ron Smith, adriansmith10@comcast.net


Retired HTC Roger Hatfield and HT1 William “Pappy” Sexton from the USS Yosemite AD19R-1 Division (1977-80). POC: Joseph Marchese, yncm12@hotmail.com, 940-230-1087


Wayne Brooks – he entered the Army between 1971-1975 and was living in Miami, FL at the time. POC: Dixie Ende Johnson, djohns29@aol.com, 407-619-4952


Anyone who served with my father TSgt William R. “Ted” Estes, Jr., USAF. He was on the USS Haynesworth DD700. Reported 10/7/53 attached to the 7th Fleed (possibly TF70/TF72( and onboard when she collided with the Ault). Air Force units include 8th TFW (the “Hobos” base fast pitch softball champs at Itasuke sometime from 1957-1958) 375Aeromedical Airlift Wing (specifically during the evac that ook place in ’67-’68 aboard the C-9A nicknamed Knightengale?) by chief nurse Mary Torain rumored to be in Cambodia) 526th FIS Famstine, 24th SOG. The DD214 leaves mysteries about his service. I know that he was stationed in Osan, Thailand, Scotland, Florida, Panama (Howard/Allbrook 70-72). Retired from the DMAFB in 74. POC: Mark Estes, mestes216@gmail.com, 520-331-0079, 4774 S Goldenrod Pl, Tucson, AZ 85730.


Dwight L. Loe (378 93 11 S2c) or his family. I have his original 3x5 typed card from 1945 (listing dates of service, stars and medals) with the USS Stockton seal and stamp. POC: Carol Cooper, 503-393-6071, c.cooperdc@gmail.com


Any information about my father, Donald “Donnie” Meyers. He was with the 11th Airborne Division in 1957, stationed at Ft Knox, KY in 1962-63. His good Army buddy was Norvin “Shorty” Terry. POC: Mike at



Anyone who knows my father Walter “Sonny” Star. He was in the Army (1970-1998) Unit 11H. He is ill, and I am looking for his old Army buddies – Sgt Samuel Clarke (Ft Campbell-1997), Sgt Kenneth Howard (Ft Benning, GA-1992), and Sgt Keene (Ft Hood-1993-94). POC: Julie Starr-Smith, keira045021@yahoo.com


Information about my father Stanford Mendenhall (who died in 1995). I have a picture of him that says CO 423, and dated in 1942. Would like more information about his service. POC: Dawn Mendenhall, dmendenhall@live.com


Anyone who served on the USS Tattnall DDG-19 (Apr 1963-Jan 1991). POC: Richard Harmon, dharmonlpga1@aol.com


Anyone who knows/knew Sgt Harris Walker. He was stationed in Columbus, GA, around 1960, and may have been from California originally. This is my Grandfather, and I would like to find him. POC: Valeria Scruggs, scruggsv@yahoo.com, 818-336-7106.


John Dobrucky, USMC 1958-1967, A-1-6 2nd Div. POC: Mike, m.concordia@verizon.net


James Setzer, from Charleston, NC. He was a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant with NATO in 1958. He was stationed near Triers, German. POC: Brie Christian, briec@hotmail.com


Anyone from 343rd Bomb Sqdn, 98th Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force, Leece Field, Italy. Also friends and survivors of the air crew lost 2-22-44 (B-24, SN: 42-73138). POC: Pat Kelly, pkelly@enerflex.com


Anyone stationed at Bushehr, Iran on TAFT 3 (1975-76). POC: Frank Knopp, frank_knopp@msn.com


My buddies from when I was stationed at Olympia, WA (1990-1994). I've made some big changes in my life and would love to catch up. POC: Joe Cortese, mcortese122@comcast.net


Anyone who was stationed at Carswell AFB, Ft Worth, TX (January 1962-February 1963). POC: Marjorie (Duggan) Harter, marjorie.harter@trincoll.edu


Anyone from the 410th MP Company in Iraq (2002-2003). POC: Rusy Rollison, rusty1428.rr@gmail.com


Rick Turner, USAF, stationed in either Pensacola or Panama City, FL, 1967-68. POCL B. Hagans, chipmunkfeeder@yahoo.com


Anyone who knew Donald Nance. He was at Plattsburgh AFB int he early 60's, and at Itazuke AFB, Japan in 1962-1963. He did a couple of tours in Vietnam. He was originally from Cleveland OH. I think he was a supply clerk and handled special equipment for helecopters. POC: Teresa Nance, teresanance@earthlink.net


Richard P. Hoffman who was a Photographers Mate on the USS Independence 1964. POC: Valerie Misek, valerie@centurytel.net


Anyone stationed at Bushehr, Iran on TAFT 3 (1975-76). POC: Frank Knopp at Frank_Knopp@msn.com


James Setzer, from Charleston NC. He was a Sergeant/Staff Sergeant with NATO in 1958. He was stationed near Triers, Germany. Please contact me with andy info. POC: Brie Christian, briec@hotmail.com

Williams Saunders, stationed at Ft Rucker, AL (1967-1968). He was originally from Halifax, NC. He may have gone to Vietnam. POC: Vondra Jones, vondraj@email.unc.edu


Anyone stationed at 508th CC&S Co, 66th Maintenance Btln, Polaski Barracks, Kaiserslautern, Germany (1967-1969. POC: James Charnley, 409-356-7739, jimathom@yahoo.com


Family and friends of the air crew lost 2-22-44, 343rd Bomb Squadron, 98th Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force, Lecce Field, Italy. Pilot was George M. Goddard, Jr. POC: Pat Kelly, pkelly@enerflex.com


John Coleman, USAF, stationed in Okinawa, Japan in the 1950s. He had red hair and played the trumpet. His daughter, Sandy, lived in Texas. He was friends with Haruno Yoshinaga in Okinawa. POC: Bruce Ruoff, bruoff@bellsouth.net


Ray Meyers and John Howard, Korea 1951-1952, 40th Div, 223rd Inf, Hq Co, 3td Bn. POC: Harold Vermeulen, hvermeulen@roadrunner.com .


Anyone from the Commander Service Group Three, stationed on the USS Ajax (1967-1969). POC: Gary Hunt, garyhunt2@cox.net


1st Sgt James (US Army) – first name may be Terry – stationed at Ft Benning, GA. May have gone to Iraq. I think someone has stolen his identity, and I’m trying to contact him. POC: Phyllis “Miki” Garlock, miki.garlock43@gmail.com


Anyone from the 173rd Airborne Brigade 503rd Infantry (July 1969-July 1970) in Vietnam. POC: Deborah Stanger, littledeb92001@yahoo.com, 218-226-8004. My brother is Gordon Labarge “Heve the Grenadier”.


William Furmam, US Navy (retired). Last known USS Independence (1993). May be living in Japan. POC: Smokey Miss (Setsuko), catcoco300@yahoo.com


Anyone at Fort Carson, Colorado (1968-1971) in the 5th Signal Battalion. POC: Charles Frazier (via Sherri Rule) at sherritav@yahoo.com


HHC 24th Infantry Division (Mech) Fort Stewart, GA (Oct 1982-April 1984) – PFC Dean Shinneman, PFC William Collins, SP5 Anthony Lavender, SP4 Kenneth Killinger, 1SG Anthony Hopkins, CPT Robert Hass, 1LT Hunter, SP4 Pearson. POC: Mark Westley, markwestley@rockmail.com


Anyone with the 1092nd Air Police Sq, Medina Base, TX (1956-60). POC: W.L. Morgan, sarge.morgan@gmail.com


Anyone with the C Co 41st Sig Bn, Pleiku, Vietnam (Jan-Jul 1966) – and remembers the mortar attack. POC: Joseph Harris, Jr., hjoejr7296@carolina.rr.com, 704-678-2584, 215 Stacey Tucker Circle, Gastonia, NC 28056.


Stanley Marsh, served aboard the USS Huse (DE-145) as a CS1. POC: Dave Perlstein, dbp14@hotmail.com


Anyone that knew my father, Richard Bouchard. He enlisted on 9-9-1952 at Fort William in Portland, ME. He was a Radio Operator, originally from Waterville, ME. He was stationed at RAF Station Manston, England until 1955. He was stationed at Bolling AFB, Andrews AFB, Clark in the Philippines, and served in Vietnam and Korea. He passed away in 1982 and is buried at Arlington. POC: Trista Bouchard, tristalynn@aol.com


Henry Lee Jones. He was an enlisted two-striper from Texas. He was the cook at Lowry AFB around 1956. He was stationed in supply at Yokota Air Base around 1963-1964. POC: Tony & Candy, thebirdnest@verizon.net

Eugene Cabine, was originally from Pine Bluff, AR. Stationed in Thailand, and then went to Offutt AFB. POC: Tony & Candy, thebirdnest@verizon.net


Anyone from the 435th OMS Enroute Maintenance Section, Rhein Main AB, Germany (1970-2005). POC: Stan Miller, 910-922-4383, stansvets@gmail.com


178th Ordnance and 629th Ordnance (Supply Parts) Qui Nhon, Vietnam (Sept 1965-75). POC: Gary Matthews, gmatt41347@aol.com.


Members of 3707 BMTS Flight W01 (1982), 18AGS/TFW (1982-1991), 1405 AGS/550 AMU/426/555 AMU/461 AMU, 405 TTW/QA. POC: Dianne Wertz, diannewertz@ymail.com


Anyone with the First Infantry Division (Big Red One) Recon HHC 1/16 (1965-1970). POC: Youngberg “Turkey” B1ABigRed1@aol.com, www.devour29.com


Anyone who might know or be related to Sgt Johnson, an American Soldier who was stationed in Algers France, in 1944.  A picture of the soldier (taken in Nov 1944) is available at http://sergeantjohnson.blogspot.com/ The boy sitting to the right of Sgt Johnson is “Serge”, and he is 77 years old and still living in France. He would love for a family member to have a copy of this picture. POC: Sandrine Angers, sangers49@gmail.com


Anyone who served with the USMC B/1/1 in Okinawa (Mar 17, 1959 to Apr 1, 1960). We have found 60 members living so far. POC: William Sitar, sitar@sitarcompany.com, days: 732-283-9000 X2130, evenings: 908-510-9600 (cell)


Anyone who knew my father, LCpl Allen J. Steinberger, with the “B” Company, 2nd recon, 2nd Marine division, Camp LeJeune, NC (1958-1962). POC: Lisa Hegyvari, lah219@gmail.com


Anyone who served in the 58th Evac Hospital, Idar-Oberstein Germany (1960-1964), anyone with the 8th Evac Hospital, Landstuhl, Germany (1930-1964), or anyone with the 7th Army Support Command Soldiers Chorus. POC: Ed Olivares, edradmgr@hotmail.com


42d MP Group (Customs) 7751st MP Customs, Europe – all former members, any era, any detachment/company/field office. POC: Mike Austing, michaelausting@att.net, 740-229-7213

Radioman shipmates from my Enlisted days onboard the USS Kenneth D. Bailey, DDR-713, circa 1955-1957, during which time I served as a Radioman. Names that come to mind include RMSN Johnson, RMC Johnson, RM1 Sol Levine, RM3 Charles Schussman, RM3 Doudt (unsure of spelling). POC: Albert B. Smith, alexking19422@live.com


Radioman shipmates from my Enlisted days at NSS CW Ship-Shore Circuit, Cheltenham, MD, circa 1957-1958. RM3 Jack Burk is one name that comes to mind. POC: Albert B. Smith, alexking19422@live.com


Radioman shipmates from my Enlisted days at CNO’s ‘Tophand’, HI-COMM SSB circuit at the Pentagon, circa 1958-1962.  RM1 Bodecker, RMC Johnson, ET1 Tom Trompeter come to mind. POC: Albert B. Smith, alexking19422@live.com


Radioman shipmates from NBA, Balboa, CZ, where I served as a RM1 circa 1962 until DEC 1963. Worked at both Fort Amador and Summit Station. POC: Albert B. Smith, alexking19422@live.com


Radioman shipmates from USS Oliver Hazard Perry, FFG-7, where I served as an RM1 on the original Reserve Gold Crew our of Philadelphia, PA, circa 1963-1966.  POC: Alex King, alexking19422@live.com


Shipmates from my days of service to the Military Sealift Command (MSC), circa 1991-1995.  POC: Alex King, alexking19422@live.com


William “Billy” Russell, Rhein Main Air Base, 1979-1982, 435th OMS Supervision. POC: Stan Miller, flymiller@mindspring.com, http://www.classcreator.com/435thOMSENROUTEMX/index.cfm

Friends that served in Korea with me: James Hilton (OK), John Potter (CA), Milam Gill (AZ?). POC: Gerald D. Spencer, formerly of Portsmouth, OH, now live in Columbus, OH, maxx1947@aol.com


Robert Edwards of the SK3 USS Dahlgren (DLG-12) (1967-68). We exchanged orders. Your wife had just had a baby and you received order to Vietnam. I took those orders. POC: L. Kovach, SK2, hogwoyd@aol.com


Anyone who knew by brother-in-law, Jerry Crowley. I would like to know when and where he served. I think during the 1968-1980 time frame. POC: Dee Ann Woolridge, lonestarlass@yahoo.com

Any of the original crew of the USS Sabok AK 121. POC: Ed Schneider, MM3rd, 954-579-9919, capted.n.swtd@gmail.com


Harvey Strange from the USS Mt Whitney, PC2, 1971-1975, from Arizona. POCL Tony Reese, PC3, reesestnl@aol.com, 703-994-2416. I was from NC, but now live in Virginia.


Anyone from the USS Stribling DD-867 (1969-76). POC: Louie Nye MM3, milesnye@zoominternet.net


Three Army friends from when I was in Panama with the 764th AAA Battalion (Caribbean Command) 1955-1956: Harvey Finkel, Robert Altman, Jesse C. Smith III. They would all be in the mid to late 70s. POCL Joel Epstein, menoel@sbcglobal.net


Two shipmates: Deno Wyatt and Gary Liptack. I was codded off the USS Oriskany (July 13, 1965) from the deck of the USS Oriskany CVA CVA enroute to Ton San Nhut Air Base in Vietnam. POC: Bailey Kingman, Arizona, bill6465@frontiernet.net, 928-753-7620


Air Force Buddy James Owen (1963) or anyone who knew him. POC: Mike, godfather2008@comcast.net

Information about my father, John W. Niles. He served on the USS Elmore and Mattabesset during WWII in the Pacific. POC: John Niles, Jr., okawa1974@ybb.ne.jp


Information about my father, Charlie Nelson. He was on the USS Mansfield in 1968, Yokosuka, Japan. POCL Michael Kurose, mkurose@gmail.com


Information about Edward Lee O’Hanlon. He served on the USS Rupertus DD851 in 1954, and was killed in a drone accident in San Diego, CA. POC: Heather Szalay, hlszalay@comcast.net, 248-735-0234


Anyone who served in the Weapons Loading Shops of the 555TFS or 433TFS during 1966-67, Ubon RTAFB, Thailand. We were under the 9th TFW. POC: Robert F. “Andy” Anderson, Jr., 11211 S Military Trail, #5513, Boynton Beach, FL 33436-7242, ande8492@bellsouth.net, 561-248-9720.


Shipmates of the USS Shadwell (1952-1955). POC: Richard Zook, dgzook@hotmail.com. I was from Noblesville, IN.


Anyone who served with Scotto P. Johns on the LT529 (1969-71). POC: Adrien Daniels, 724-954-4817, sheilaadaniels@yahoo.com


Anyone who served aboard the USS Lake County 880 (1956-57). POC: Leroy H. “Pineapple” Fernandez, 808-284-1956 (cell), 808-241-5551, lfernandez004@hawaii.rr.com


Anyone who served (or their family members) with the 518th Medical Clearing Company in WWII. POC: G.M. Freeman, gmfree@juno.com


John D. Walker, who served on the USS Barb 596 in Hawaii (1969). POC: Leslie Ament-Delgado, degado@musc.edu


Anyone who was at Wolters during 1952. POC: Carrol C. “Red” Myers, resshed@tds.net


Anyone with the 178th Ordnance and 629th Ordnance (Supply Parts) Qui Nhon, Vietnam, Sept 1965 to 1975. POC: Gary Matthews, gmatt41347@aol.com


Anyone who served aboard the Navy Heavy Cruister, USS San Francisco in the Pacific during WWII. POC: Brooks Conery, 301 Main St., Franklin, LA 70538, 337-413-9866, 337-578-9911, nami3ccs@yahoo.com

David Girard, originally from Homewood, IL. Served in the US Coast Guard in Alaska around 1980-81. POC: bbevans44@tulsacoxmail.com


Anyone who served in the Army in Germany during 1963-1966, 6th Missile Btln Battery D, 61st Artillery. POC: Jim Fletcher, hawgpen549@aol.com


Anyone from MM3rd USS Sabik. POC: Ed Schneider, 954-579-9919, capted.n.swtd@gmail.com


Anyone who was in the air police at Korat AFB (Camp Friendship), Thailand (1965-1966) with the first group of PCS troops there. Also, wanting to find Billy W. Miller (from Cullman, AL). POC: Marv Schiffler, maschiffler@aol.com, 480-250-7395.


Information about Brian Flecksing, 1/509th Airborne Battalion, Vicenza, Italy. He was stationed there 1974-1982 and died in a car accident there. POC: Julie Perry, perryjmj@southslope.net


Robert “Bucky” Whiting of the USS Julius A. Furher (1982-1985). POC: Jerry Yates, jerryyates1@bellsouth.net

A picture of my father, William Duduk. He was from Belleville, NJ. He was in the Navy during WWII, and served aboard the following ships, USS Wrangle, USS Neville, and USS Markab. He died in 2000 and I have never seen him. POC: Joe Duduk-Farren, farrenjj@eircom.net


Jim Niceley. He served on the USS Mauna Kea AE22. Deployed June 1970 through Feb 6, 1971 to Tonkin Gulf. POC: Sharon Nicely, Sharon.nicely@georgfisher.com


Anybody onboard the USS Reasoner FF-1063 (1978-1980). In particular anyone who was in the Auxiliary Engine Room, Main Steam Leak, Subic Bay. POC: Frank Eggleston, 607-229-5743, frankegg58@aol.com

Anyone onboard the USS Parsons DDG33 (1977-1978), in particular #2 Engine Room. POC: Frank Eggleston, 607-229-5743, frankegg58@aol.com


Anyone who served on the USS Chehalis, when it exploded October 7, 1949, and anyone who knew my father William H. Epps. POC: Wanda E. Hicks, 2hicks@charter.net


Anyone on the USS O’Neill with Tula Vestal. POC: Suzanne Sehen, suzannesehen@yahoo.com


Anyone in C Co 469th EAB or Hq Co 915th Engr Avn Grp at Wolters AFB (Feb-Oct 1952). POCL Carrol C. “Red” Myers, redsshed@tds.net, 912-729-4274.


Shipmates aboard the USS Chauncey DD667, deployment to Wonson Harbour North Korea (late 1952-1953). POC: Thomas Perry, tperry3@ec.rr.com


Any Plank Owner from the LSMR 412, commissioned 1945, Charleston, SC. POC: Norm Brown, skipp27@comcast.net


Anyone who served with Ernest Lawrence Steward, seaman, 1st Class, USNR (May 1943-Feb 1946). He was at NTS, Newport, RI; AGC, Brooklyn, NY; and on the USS Strive (AM117) POC: Faith Mouradian, faith.mouradian@ssa.gov


Anyone who served in the 173rd Airborne Brigade “Skysoldier”, Ft Hood, TX. POC: chickerson@hot.rr.com or skysoldier@hot.rr.com.


Anyone who served on USS Philippine Sea (CG-58). POC: Chuck Davis, philsea@embarqmail.com, 941-743-5460.


Anyone who knew my father, Gradie Marshburn. He died when I was 4, and would like to know him from anyone who knew him. He served in WWII (Jan 1942-July 1945). His headstone says NC633 AAA AW AN CAC. He was stationed at one time in Germany. My mother told me that he suffered severe frost bite on his hands and feet. POC: Bonnie Marshburn, bmb777@live.com


Anyone who served in Darmstadt in 1990-1991. POC: Kathleen Gorman, guardcop2002@yahoo.com


Anyone who served on the USS Johnston in WWII. POC: Kathleen Gorman, guardcop2002@yahoo.com


Anyone who served in Baumholder, Germany in 1967-68 at the 5th/83rd Artillery Batt C. Need a witness to a 50 Cal MG falling on my foot during Readiness Alert. I was in charge of the Arms Room at the time. POC: David “Ozzy” Osborne, 541 Jefferson Dr., Chatham, VA 24531, basicred@verizon.net.


Members of Support Company 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team and members of the 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team from 1951-1957. POC: James Strickland, 1478 Oakwood Ave., Kannapolis, NC 28081, 704-932-0973, jstrickland002@carolina.rr.com


Anyone who knew Mary Lee Evans and James Jones, stationed at Ft Dix, NJ in 1978. POC: Mario Evans, marioevans1979@yahoo.com


PFC J. M. Castaneda of Lima Co, 3rd Plt Rockets, 3rd BN, 9th Marines, 3rd Mar Div. He served in Vietnam in 1968-1969. Probably lives somewhere in California, but lived at one time in El Paso, TX. POC: Lucille (Gomez) Teran, lucilleteran@sbcglobal.net


Looking for anyone who was in Cardiff, U.K. in WWII, who was an MP and also any members of the Observers with the UN in Palestine (1948-49). POC: Paul Dodds, 604-538-1588, taffy10082003@yahoo.ca


Anyone assigned to Itazuke AFB, Japan, (1957-1965) with pictures to share. POC: Ike Nash, ikesubs@hotmail.com


Anyone who served in Busan Korea (1973-1975). POC: Roscoe Meyerdirk (in Transportation Company), roscoe.meyerdirk@fsis.usda.gov


U.S. Army Chaplain Captain Murray (or his family). He was stationed in Hanau, Germany, in 1955. He helped get me a sponsor to immigrate to the U.S., where I joined the Army and served for 23 years. POC: Wolfgang “Walt” Priebe, 4806 Cushman Rd, NE SPC 105, Olympia, WA 98506, 360-352-5167, wolf6@earthlink.net

Anyone who served in the 518 Medical Clearing Company during WWII or any children of such vets. POC: G.M. Freeman, 304-274-8992.


Graham Tilbury and Martin Bagby. POC: Jack, jakdac@gmail.com


Airman Henry Nelson, stationed in Alaska (1962-1964). He was originally from Georgia. POC: grouper@att.net or 662-329-1981.


Arnold Haas, stationed at Fort Stewart, GA. He was in the 169th Bn in Korea at Camp Stanley, 1965. POC: Bob Bennett, rl64bennett@gmail.com


Anyone who was at South Ruislip in 1956-60. POC: Don Campbell, zandoncam@aol.com


Ursula Batz and Mark Ricca, who was stationed in Bads Hersefld Germany (1971-73). Or anyone who has any information about them. POC: Melanie Wolfley, racermel@rocketmail.com


Medical personnel that served at Minot AFB Emergency Room from 1983-1985. POC: Sgt Lloyd Rogers, ER Shift Leader, 208-699-8305, texsardo@yahoo.com


Anyone who served in the 69th Gun Battalion Battery D Fort Hamilton, Ozone Park, NY (Jan 1955-1956). POC: Paul Favreau, paultrack@comcast.net


James “Jim” Taylor who served on board the USS Emory S Land AS39 – ship sailed to the Indian Ocean in late 1980. He was the repair officer in charge of outside machine shop 38 in 197-80. He also played on the ship’s golf team. POC: Richard Sollomon, navydivere6@att.net 417-844-9987


Megan and Thomas Moore. Their parents were stationed at Fort Carson, CO around 1983. POC: Jaime Cross, jaimecr76@gmail.com


Jay Wicker (USAREC-Sheridan) and Robert Cheeks (RG-Sheridan), and C.W. Scott (Net-Vilseck). POC: John P. Stovall, capstovallB169@aol.com, 270-586-7570.


Anyone stationed with CSM John D. Jackson (Brownshoe Jackson) in the 57th Signal Battalion, Ft Hood, TX from April 1976 through November 1977. CSM Jackson was from Anniston, AL.  POC: Charlotte Johnson, ceja1999@comcast.net, 410-979-8229.


Anyone stationed with the 54th Signal Company, 509th Signal Battalion on Caserma Carlo Ederle in the city of Vicenza, Italy during any of the following time periods; 1977 through 1981, 1983 through 1985, and 1992 through 1995. POC: Charlotte Johnsonceja1999@comcast.net, 410-979-8229.


Anyone that served on the USS Newport News CA148 (1962-1963). POC: James “Butch” Standiford, btbrat007@aol.com


Anyone who served on the USS Stain Louis CL49 during WWII. POCL Howard Scozzafava, 877-816-2191.

WWII 485th Bomb Group, 15th AF, Italy, B-24s -- all ranks who served. POC: Jim Scheib, 5360 N Calle Bujia, Tucson, AZ 85718-5217, 520-615-0397, jimannscheib@comcast.net, www.485thbg.org


Anyone who was part of the 581st Radio Relay Co that landed at Inchon, September 1950. POC: George Holtzinger, jgholzinger@comcast.net


Bill Shelton, SP5, Ft Knox, KY (1969). He was company clerk and I was the legal clerk. We were in Vietnam, when he left the served and moved to Hollywood, FL. POC: Stuart Geib, 517-265-7975, admin@bandedesign.com


Anyone with the 472nd Engineering Boat & Shore Regiment (WWII and Korea), stationed in Ft Warden, WA, near Port Townsend. They went to Pusan, Korea, on July 24, 1960. POC: Milton David Shultis via Jean Shultis, miltjean@gmail.com


Wesley Waldron, or anyone who served in the MARTC/MARTD Detachment at Andrews AFB (1975-76). POC: Henry Wayne Farmer, roho9mm@yahoo.com (I worked on the flight line).


Kenneth Russo and Skip McDaniel, served in VAW 112 aboard the USS Enterprise (1966-68). POC: Mike Morrow, 858-279-7339, nuje@artloft.com


Joseph (Joe) Mosley. He was stationed in Furth, Germany (Monteith Barracks - 1974-75). We were roommates. POC: Dave Parlier, sotaria7@charter.net, 423-213-5130.


Denny Dahlien who was with VF-191 aboard the USS Oriskany in the Spring of 1968. During the "carrier quals" he fell from the flight deck to the Number 2 elevator. I do know that he survived the fall. POC: Barry King, 478-926-3645, barry.king@robins.af.mil


Anyone who served with CWO Charles Worth Millard (my husband's  uncle), who was from Wilson NC, and was in the 478th Aviation Comp, 11th Aviation Group, 1st Cavalry Division. Charles Millard flew a CH-54 Skycrane and was down down in '68 over the LZ TIGER while attempting to deliver a bulldozer. POC: Kim Moore, kmoore@wilson-co.com


Any information  on former Project Mercury Recovery Teams during early 60s/SA16-SC54s. Looking for a copy of the movie we made "Flight from Ashiya" (Yul Brenner, Richard Widmark, George Chikaris, Susie Parker). POC: Dick Gilbert, natejack@msn.com


MGS (ret) Billy Reeves, Ft Sill DS/NCO Academy (1977-79). POC: Russell Smothers, 317-399-0096. rdsmothers@aol.com


Anyone who new my father, Glen "Rusty" Smothers with the 104th Yankee Division, WWII 1943-45. POC: Russell Smothers, 317-288-0096, rdsmothers@aol.com


Danny Schofield, 2Bn, 503rd Inf, 173rd Airborn Bde, 1966-67. POC: R. Dennis Smothers, 317-288-0096,



Anyone who knew my father, Malcolm Davis who served aboard the USS Buckley, DE-51 (1942-1945). He passed away in 1972, and would like to talk with anyone who knew him. POC: Gail Cross (Davis), windy_us_98@yahoo.com


Anyone stationed in Straubing, Germany with the 619th Engineer Co, attached to the 11th Armored Calvary (1961-1963). POC: James Laier, 1080 Airport Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, 707-544-8070, jaslaier@sonic.net


Carmine Mezzacappa, Monmouth County (LST-1032) 1966. POC: Cookie, cm643@hotmail.com


Anyone who knew Aloysius C. Rutjes. This was my grandfather, who I never met. This is what I know. He was born and died in Minnesota (1923-1973). He served in WWII (1943-1946). He shipped out of France (Phillip Morris camp) April 1946 on the USS Lejeune. He married Rosemary Black on May 15, 1946.  They had two children, Carol Louis and Margaret Ann Frances. They were put up for adoption and my grandparents divorced. He served with the 482nd F.I.S. as an electrician (1963-1965). POC: Jolene Stover, tickledpink2b@msn.com


Any Plank Owner of VAQ208, NAS Alameda, CA (1970-1974). POC: Bill Chartrand, 559-582-6916, billchartrand@hotmail.com


Anyone who served with my father, Lester Eugene McDill. He was in the 772nd Bombardment Squadron, WWII, as a refueling unit operation 932. He was from Mt Pleasant, TX. He passed away in 1991. He was awarded 9 Bronze starts. POC: Janice McDill Landrum, wildandwooly@netzero.net


Sgt Michael Dearing, A1C Michael Coe, Airman Melvin Gant, Airman Marion Turner, Airman Fidel Hill (pitched on base softball team. POC: Manuel K. Arenas, padrollo@hotmail.com


Anyone who knew my father, Richard Bouchard. He was born in 1932 in Watertown, ME, and served in Vietnam and Korea. He was buried in Arlington in 1982. POC: Trista Bouchard, tristalynn@aol.com


Lt George Patrick Bryan, ASW Officer USS New DD818 (1967-69). POC: Donald Smith, calamitysmith@msn.com


Anyone who served aboard the USS Haynsworth DD-700 to 1970. POC: James Horn, 2 Surrey Ct., Chambersburg, PA 17201, 717-263-8090, haynsworth@comcast.net


Anyone who was a BLIND BAT Crewmember:  C—130A, all crew positions, in the 21st, 35th, 41st, 815th, and 817th TCS/TAS, and 7th APS Loadmasters, Naha AB, Okinawa, who flew the Blind Bat mission, 1964–70. Building a database for our next reunion.  Please contact: John Philson, PO Box #419, Syracuse, OH 45779, 740–992–7539,  rushnpat@hotmail.com  OR  John H Moore, 657 E Adams Street, Marengo, IA 52301, 319–741–5734/319–936–2154 (cell), buildsmall2@mac.com


Anyone assigned to the 21st TCS/TAS:  All crew positions and assigned personnel, who were in the 21st in the Pacific, 1942–93. Building a database for a future reunion.  Please contact:  John H Moore, 657 E Adams Street, Marengo, IA 52301;  319–741–5734 / 319–936–2154 (cell);   buildsmall2@mac.com


Bob Beckman, USS Pine Island and USS New Jersey (1950-51). POC: Linda Long (daughter of Janet Thompson_, pearldance555@yahoo.com


Any members of Airnorth fast pitch soft ball team at Kolsas, Norway (1960-64) and the US Communications Center (March 60-March 64). POC: Bruce Powers, basp2@cox.net


610th MASS member assigned to Yokota AB, Japan (1966-1978). POC: Harold Mitchell, 707-447-3536, www.610massalumni.com


Anyone who served on LST 379 (1943-1945). POC: Donald Forkum, rforum@aol.com, 541-902-1588.


Anyone who was in Army 3rd Cav Band in Baumholder Germany, Nov 1963 to May 1966. POC: Robert “Moby” Flach, 618-476-7035, dodgerocks1@yahoo.com


Larry S. Bentley who served on USS Shangri-La (CVS-38) 1970. POC: Deb Hogan (his cousin) at marion.moat@verizon.net


Any information on Del Cary Sharp, US Army, Staff Sergeant E6. His parents were Robert “Bob” and Dorothy Sharp. He was born in Spokane and buried in Spokane. He served in Vietnam. POC: Richarge Sharp, dickelis1rv1@mac.com


Members of RD “A” School Staff (1963-1966) Great Lakes Naval Training Center, IL. POC: Lee Damicone, leeandilene@verizon.net


MM1/SS Nick Toth on the USS H.L. Stimson SSBN 655 (1980-1984) Blue Crew. POC: Brian McClarty, bkmcclarty@vfemail.net


Anyone who knew George Silvia (B Co 1st Med Tk Bn 68th Armor 3rd ID 1960-April 1963 then C Co 2nd Med Tk Bn 33rd Armor Apr 1963-May 1963. He passed away in April, and I have photos from that time that I would like to share/trade (including some during the filming of “Armored Command” in 1961. Thanks to all you served or are serving. POC: Edward Silvia edwardpsilvia@live.com


Anyone stationed at Camp Red Cloud, Korea, 4th Finance 1969-1970 – in particular Stanley Greenway and Bob Gregerson. POC: Bill Heil, billheil@bellsouth.net


David Durham, of the 529th MP Honor Guard Co., Heidelberg, Germany (1964-65). Anyone who served there during that time. POC: L.R. Christian, lrcdmc@sbcglobal.net


Walter Ludwig Beeson and Martha Helfiger Beeson. They were stationed in Okinawa in 1960-61, and had a son they gave up for adoption (James Edward). POC: William “Butch” McLendon, bmclend@isnetworking.com


Mike Weber, who was a shipmate in the U.S. Navy 1954-1960 on the USS Black DD666, the home port was Long Beach, CA. His home towm was Ormond Beach, FL. POC: Jim Huntington, treeman@consolidated.net


Anyone who new David W. “Bill” Greene, who was with the CBMU 515, attached to the 22nd Regiment of the First Provisional Marine Brigade which captured Guam on July 21, 1944. I am his daughter, Maryann Mueller,

and trying to located his buddies. POC: Maryann Mueller, shelby2122@fuse.net


“Andy” Anderson, who was a US Navy Lieutenant, and served at Point Mugu, CA (1962-64). He was raised in Minnesota. POC: Ruth Taylor Kilday, ruthkilday@aol.com


Arthur Cobb (or Kobb) who was at Fort Hood in July 1960, and knew my Mom, Barbara “Babs” Williams. POC: Tammy Williams Webster, 602-359-0428, azoh57@aol.com


Members of the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, 91st Missile Wing, 91st Space Wing, 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, 91st Intelligence Squadron, 91st Network Warfare Squadron, 6091st Reconnaissance Squadron, all 91st units since 1948. POC: Jim Bard jimbardjr@adelphia.net, 410-549-1094.


Anyone who served in the 6091st Reconron (1956-58) Yokota Air Force Base, Japan. POC: Venice Dufrene, chieflanky@bellsouth.net


Roy Isaacs, he was a shipmate during Vietnam, and was a gunnersmate on the USS New Jersey, 1968-1969. POC: Don Brewer, brewman45@aol.com


Larry Johnson, who was stationed in Schwabach Germany at O’Brien Barracks 1970-72. POC: Gerda, higgerda@aol.com


Anyone who served with Basil Clyde “Curly” Blodgett. He was my Grandfather, and recently passed away. I would like to know more about him. POC: Michael Blodgett, 1.thunder@live.com


Anyone from 705th AC&W Sqdn, Alaska, 1955-57. POC: Ben Cunningham, bwcmam@comcast.net, 717-362-9666


Any shipmates from the USS Helena (CA75_ from 1954-57). POC: Don Yarber, donyarber@hughes.net


Anyone who served in the 51st Transportation Company, 1963-1966, Mannheim, Germany. POC: Anna Curts, acurts2009@verizon.net


Joe Quintau (or Quinto or Quintua) who was stationed on the USS Rushmore and stationed in Ruykjavik/Iceland (1966-67). He knew Olaug Loftesnes, who worked at St Joseph Hospital at Sagaoya. He left Iceland to go to Vietnam, and left active duty in New York in 1971. POC: Vivi Benedikta Hatland (Loftesnes) vlof@broadpark.no


Kenny Robinson, from the VC-8 NAVSTA Unit 60175, out of Puerto Rico. POC: Kary Perry, perrykari@yahoo.com


CMSgt David Stroman, stationed in Greece (1970-74), and then to South Carolina. POC: Mrs. Burnethel Sanford, 951-739-0202, mizbs3492@msn.com


Michael Wilson, who was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army in Reisenbach, German in 1965-66. POC: Mariette Henning, ncinsyle@xtra.co.nz


Anyone who served at Ft Stewart, GA, HHB 2/35 FA (1980-83). POC: Bill Manson, meathead3926@stjolive.com, 816-232-9219


Members of the crew who served aboard Sqd 3 Div 3 USS LSU-1451 in 1954 during Operation Passage to Freedom (Vietnam). POC: Don Brown, the Quartermaste/Signalman, don1451@centurytel.net, 662-893-4684


Anyone who served with the Air Force Advisory Team 6 (AFAT6), Nha Trang, Vietnam (Sept 1969-Sept 1970). POC: Bob Soden, 256-340-0322, bobsoden@live.com


Anyone who served in the Nike Missile Battalion at Simsbury, CT (1956-59) and knew John (Jack) Regan. POC: John Regan, nightow19mr@yahoo.com


Anyone who served with the 5th Bomb Wing Headquarters Squadron, Travis, AFB, CA (1960-63). POC: John Messick, lmessick@cfl.rr.com


Anyone associated with the Ramey AFB SAC Aero Club (1957-59). POC: Clifton Hammond, clifh2@gmail.com


Lawrence  Ussery, who served abaord USS Prairie AD15 (1950-54) in the Shipfitter Shop. POC: Lawrence, 334-863-4375, hapussery@teleclipse.net


Anyone who served aboard the LST-488 during WWII. POC: James Sollers, c/o Robert Fowler, 145 Hawkcrest Ct, Debary, FL 32713, rfowler35@comcast.net


Anyone stationed in Packing P.O.L. 1967-1968, Fuel Storage Compound 10 miles north of Danang. POC: George (Richard) Miller, Jr., 540-234-0273, richardwey@verizon.net


Anyone who served on the  USS Taconic, AGC-17, Korean War, 1950-1954. POC: Harry Ottens, kbarody@dot.state.ny.us


Crewmembers who served on the USS Greenwich Bay AVP-41, USS Valcour AVP-55 or USS Duxbury Bay AVP-38. POC: Martin Brown, 424 Washington Ave, Hamlet, NC 28345, jmbnpb@bellsouth.net


An airman with the last name of Bonneville, stationed at Vandenberg AFB (1967-68). POC: Norm Mitchell, 618-588-4325, mustang66@charter.net


Anyone serving in the 62nd Eng Const Batt in the 5th Army, Co A (1951-52) (Korea). POC: Max Cooper, mmcooper@tband.net, 989-872-1837


William (Bill) Gourdoux who served on the USS Grand Canyon (1953-56). His hometown was Eau Claire, WI. POC: Shirley Valentine, svalentine1936@carolina.rr.com


BMSN Jeff Meyers of the USS Flint AE 32 (1982). POC: Anthony Alipao, tonyalipao@yahoo.com, 032-233-1817, 0929-787-2119 (cell) (in the Philippines)


Anyone who knew Dale F. Patek, Jr, from Cleveland, and served on the USS Sylvania (1970-71). He was Captain of a PT Boat that dropped off snipers and picked them up. Trying to locate information about how he was shot -- it does not show up in his Navy records. POC: Elaine Patek, 573-819-2632, epatek2923@aol.com


Anyone who served on the USS Attu (CVE-102) in the Pacific during WWII. POC: James T. Apostolacus, jimapost@verizon.net


Shipmates of the USS Hassayampa (1964-68). POC: pbandlab@aol.com


Anyone who went to Marine Boot Camp on March 8, 1951, at Parris Island, SC, and knew Joseph Pustizzi. DI's were Billingsley and Murphy. I want to know the Platoon #. POC: Carl Custizzi, bulldog8185@msn.com

Bill Murphy, who served on the USS Forrestal (1984-1986). POC: Don Wenrick, dlw561@aol.com, 804-561-5685

Anyone who knew Johnny Messick, HQ USAFE 1965-68, or worked with him at Software Development Group (Defensemax). POC: lmessick@cfl.rr.com

Dennis Moore, Spec 4, MP, Ft Gordon, GA, 1970-71, and any female vets that served that time period. POC: Evelyn Rollie (nee Johnson) (Spec 4, Clerk Typist, Signal Corps). evelynrollie@bellsouth.net

Mike Weber, US Navy, 1954-1960, TM Ship USS Black DD666, home port Long Beach, CA, and home town, Ormond Beach, FL. POC: Jim Huntington, treeman@consolidated.net

Shipmates from the USS Benner DD807 (1968-70). POC: Don Whitman (E3 Boatswains Mate), kodiak4me@gmail.com

Crash Crew Beevile, TX (1961-63). POC: P.K. Griffin, oldgringo17@yahoo.com

CWO Edward J. Bennett, served at Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA (1956). POC: Shelly Okun, shelly@samokunproduce.com

Anyone who was a member of the Anti-Tank Platoon, HHC 2/32 Inf, 7th Inf Div, Camp Hovey, Korea, (June 1964-July 1965). POC: James Byrd, 803-564-5769, byrdsnest2000@yahoo.com

Anyone who served in VF-161 or VFA-161 (1986-1988). POC: myerssupplyco@bellsouth.net

Anyone who served with William (Bill) Herndon, either on the USS Eldorado or the USS Estes (1948-1958). He was a radioman/cryptographer. He was also stationed in Asmara, Ethiopia in 1965-68. POC: Will Herndon, 703-464-5944, will@njsullivan.com

Debbie Federspeil, who was on the USS Prairie (1982-1984). POC: Margaret Blatchley, poorcaboodles@aol.com

William Francis Henderson. He was born in 1955 in Maryville, MO, and raised in B.C., Joined the Army in Feb 1980, and was at Ft Leonard Wood, MO. He studied diesel mechanics. POC: Mel Lewis, mel_lewis@verizon.net

Carter Howe, Danny Factor, James A Johnson, Mike Moore, Joe Edmonds, Roger McCoy, and Fred Rivera. All were Vietnam vets (12/66 to 12-67( with the 1st Inf Div, 2nd Bn, 28th Inf, Lai Khe, Black Lions, Training NCO Ft Carson, CO 3/68.

Anyone with the 25th Aviation who served with John H. Dixon (1967-68 Long Binh). POC: B. Dixon, bdixon@wk.net

John McCauley, 1931492 MCRD, San Diego Platoon 394 (Oct 1960). POC: citationtwoplus@aol.com

Anyone who served on board the USS Stark County LST-1134 (Hilo Queen) (1956-59), Carl Post PO3 (Black Gang). POC: Robert E. "Bob" Beian, 602-803-8770, bobbeian@aol.com, 14904 W Tomahawk Way, Sun City West, AZ 85375

Anyone who knew or served with Roger Kieth Lictenberg, (1945-1946, USS Chandler (DMS-9), USS San Bernardino (PG59, or USS ARD 23 -- or even went to basic training with him at NCTC, Great Lakes, IL). POC: Joel Lichtenberg, jclfree@urassociation.com

Bruce H. Nelson. He was on the USS Triton that made the trip around the world underwater. He went to Bay View High School. POC: Lynn Sobye, lynnsobye@yahoo.com

Billy W. Miller, Security Police, Korat AFB, Thailand (1965-66). We were in the first group of PCS troops to go to Korat. POC: Marv Schiffler, 480-250-7395, maschiffler@aol.com

William P. Foley, at the Komaki Air Base in Nagoya, Japan (June 1956-June 1957). He was a battery clerk for the 76th AAA battalion. I think he was from Chicago. POC: Paul Favreau, paultrack@comcast.net

Anyone who may have known or served with Earl Cranford Bedwell. I have a group picture with him that has Btry A 749th F.A. written on it. He was stationed in Laramie, WY, in 1930. I know that he was also onboard the USS William Mitchell from Inchon and Yokohoma to Seattle, WA. He was also at Ft Hood, TX, and re-enlisted in 1945 at Camp Shelby, MS. He served in both WWII and Korea, and settled in Pacific Grove, CA. He died in 1979. I would like to talk with anyone who knew him. POC: Michele Starr, michelestarr@hotmail.com

Anyone who knew Tony S. Faustio. He served in WWII and was a Tech 4 in the Infantry. He died Feb 10, 1945, from a neck wound he received on Feb. 6, 1945. POC: Michael Murphy, murphdog43@aol.com, 609-413-2115

Anyone who served with Ted Chariton, Radioman, 2nd Class, aboard LSM315, 1944-45, in New Guinea, Philippines. POC: Owen Chariton, 303-984-4718, ocharito@mscd.edu

Robert "Boo" Morrison, who served on the USS Mars (1983-87). POC: Lisa rnl527@live.com

Gary Myers, CPT in the early '70s in DC at Army SSG. POC: Lee McCaslin, lmccaslin1@charter.net

Anyone who served on the LT529 in 1967-68 in Okinawa in Naha. POC: C.Cullie, ccullie@aol.com

Anyone who served on the USS Sabik, AK121. POC: Ed Schneider, 954-579-9919, capted.n.swtd@gmail.com

Manny (Mannie) Duran. Stationed at Pinder Barracks in 1990 in Zirndorf, Germany. He was the EO/NCO for Divarty, and his rank was SFC/E-7. He rode a Harley and rode with the "Brotherhood on Wheels" Motorcycle Club. Last known in Colorado. POC: Danny Canada, harleyman424@embarqmail.com

Anyone who was with the 384th in Grafton/Underwood, England (1943). Particularly December 1943, and might have known Lt. James Fred Carnes. He was shot down on Dec 20, 1943, and in Stalag Luft 1 for 22 months. POC: Patrick Carnes, catpaws_ky@yahoo.com

Lt Commander Paul Cottiell, of the USS Tringa ASR 16. POC: Peggy Bell, churchbell2@gmail.com, 214-521-0211, 6223 Lomo Alto Dr, Dallas, TX 75205

Anyone with the 132nd Evacuation Hospital that left Munich about 1946. POC: Ruth, bolin@ohio.edu

Anyone that might have known PFC Claud D. Stiles. He was from Albany, NY, and served during WWII with the 88th Blue Devils. POC: John Stiles, john.stiles@prconcepts.com

Anyone who served on board the USS Taylor (DD/DDE 468) from initial commissioning (Aug 1942) to decommissioning (Jul 1969). POC: Otto Zipf, 11020 Winding Brook Ct., Manassas, VA 20111-4328, 703-257-5474, pozipf@earthlink.net

Anyone on the USS Mountrail APA-213, or Acon Victory, who knew Raymond Wilson (worked in laundry and PX) -- P.B. Baird, Albert Bartee, Chester Holmes, Donald Hutchings, John Kilbride, John Kimbrough, Steven Mayer, Virgil McBride, Billy Pershall, and Harry Sweet. POC: Virginia Wilson, wilsonfamily07@windstream.net

Looking for shipmates on CVA31 V3 Div (1958-60). POC: Vince Santarelli, vincesant@verison.net

Anyone who served aboard the USS Osage LSV 3, USS Saugas LSV 4, USS Monitor LSV 5, USS Montauk LSV 6. All were WWII action (1943-1946, Pacific Theater). POC: Duncan Alexander, 270-355-2256, alexander63590@bellsouth.net

Shipmates of John "Jack" Joseph Brennan who served with the Coast Guard from Feb 1961-Nov 1984. POC: John Kopesky, jkopesky@sheinlaw.com, 877-743-4652

Anyone who knew Virgil J. Watkins on the USS Lang (DD-399) (1942-45). He was a radarman aboard the ship. POC: Curtis Watkins, 303-775-4828, impuzzled58@aol.com

Anyone who knows the details of the Bomber Plane crash May 6, 1942, at Esler Field, LA.  Charles T. Willock, Jr, 2nd Lt, was onboard with 5 others. POC: Linda Panosky, lpanosky@yahoo.com

Anyone who served on the USS LSM 549 (1952 through decommissioning) in South Korea. POC: Stephen O'Daniel, 270-436-5776, saodaniel@wk.net

Anyone who knows Walter Edward Johnson. He served on the USS Mullany DD-528 (1951-1954). He was from Texas originally, but lived in Jamestown, RI. POC: Luther W. "Wes" Moorehead, luthermoorehead@sbcglobal.net

Anyone who servone on LST1019 (1943-1946). POC: Lydia, lydiabills@bellsouth.net

Anyone who knew Staff Sergeant Walter Edelblum. He drowned July 30, 194-5, off the Nugidu Peninsula, Finschhafen, New Guinea. He was with the 560th Signal Depot Co. POC: Loraine Alderman, 917-975-1928, 1523 Rose Ln, East Meado, MY 11554, psychdoc78@aol.com

Anyone who served on USS Sarsfield 1958-1959 in Key West, FL. POC: Patrip1@aol.com

Ricky D Attaway who was with the USS Elk River in San Diego (1982). POC: Tina Hand, 410-463-3731, dove8887@yahoo.com

Anyone who served on the  USS Enterprise (1963-64). POC: kfscriggin@aol.com

Anyone who was on the USS Jobb, DE707 and involved with the rescue operation following the typhoon, late Sept/early Oct 1945. POC: Lloyd Disney, 20906 N 70th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308. sparkie3214@cox.net, 623-206-5175

Anyone that served with the 54th ARS at Goose Bay, Labrador (1955-56). POC: John Gould, homebrewer7@gmail.com

Anyone on the USS Fort Marion 1958 (West Pac Cruise) or anyone assigned to Repair Facility Sub Base Pearl Harbor, Weld Shop or Pipe Shop. POC: Donald Maxwell, dmax@bellsouth.net, 770-941-9458.

Anyone who served at Pearl Harbor (1952-54) Base Operations Office. POC: Linda Roll, linda.roll@dcgoh.com

Anyone who knew James Duncan, stationed at Iwo Jima LPH-2, May 16, 1965 to Apr 15, 1967. He served 2 tours in Vietnam, and his CO was Capt D.A. Scott. POC: Janice Duncan, 270-876-7004, jjduncan@brtc.net

Anyone that knew Oscar Roy Sternberg on the USS Pennsylvania (BB38) (1943-1945) and members of the Co H 511 Prcht Inf that knew Earl H. Sternberg. POC: Phyllis Cole, pcole@stlcc.edu

Anyone who knew Staff Sgt James Kenneth Newcomb, 8th Army Air Force, 15th Bomber Group. He was a tail gunner on the Strawberry Bitch. Also, anyone who knew Charles Edger "Buddy" Fox, Jr. He died at Cargidor Island during the U.S. invasion.

Anyone who served with the USAF B47 Mobile/Field Training Detachment (early 1950s to late 1960s). POC: J. Gordon, jdordon845@aol.com

Anyone who served with Oscar Mynhier on the USS Nicholson DD-442 (1942-43) or the USS Braxton APA-138 (1943-1945). POC: Tony Mynhier, 508 Dogwood Ln, Middlebury, IN 46540, 574-320-5140, jmynhier@friendsofchristianradio.com

Anyone who served in the US Army with the 516th Engineer Co (Pioneer Kaserne) Hanau, Germany (1954-93). POC: Gene Ogletree, 478-237-7159, geneogletree@bellsouth.net

Anyone who knew Joseph F. Ferguson, who was killed in action at Iwo Jima. He was from Matewan, WV. Also information on Lindsey A. Ferguson, Jr. He was an Auxiliary Military Policeman at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Baltimore, MD. POC: Karen Ferguson Blanton, kdblanton1@yahoo.com, 740-858-5791.

Capt Ron Adams and Jim Gantt, who served at Loring AFB, Presque Isle Maine, in 1982. POC: A.M. networklady@hotmail.com

Anyone who served with Rudolph Flinker on board the USS Butler and the USS Mervine (1942-46). POC: Dena Agolio, dagolio@cprlaw.com, 732-747-9003

Leon Ray, CSM Army Ret. POC: Bill Lock, 360-357-5027, biklock@hotmail.com

Anyone with the “D” Co, 169th Eng Batt (Const) at Ft Stewart, GA (1961-64) that served with James “Jim” Jones, David Conley, Bill Spears, Ross Hatfield, Leonard Luoma, or Glen Garrett. POC: James Jones, 5955 Paloma Dr., Olive Branch, MS 38654, jamesrjones@centurytel.net

Brian (or Bryan) Nelson. He was a Gunners Mate on the USS Barnstable County LST 1197, (1985-1988). POC: Mark Schneider, 412-476-3659, schneider2862@msn.com

Anyone who served in the 349th Engr Bn (1962-65) France. POC: Charles Elliott, chthe@comcast.net

Gene Payne. POC: Sid Serres, 281-350-2274, sid1288@yahoo.com .

Shipmates who were on the USS Renville APA227 (Oct 1965-1966). POC: Patrick Flanagan (I was an Engineman on the boat), father.flanagan@prurealty,com, 510-459-6177.

Anyone who served with Virgil “Doug” Douglas on Submarine USS Quillback 424, based in Key West FL, (Sept 1968-Sept 1972). POC: Linda Douglas, ldouglas1013@earthlink.net

Anyone who knew my uncle, Marvin Y. Luckie, with the 398th Bomber Squadron, Units 600th, 601st, 602nd, 603rd, based out of the US. He was killed in action Feb 3, 1945, his pilot was named John McCormack. POC: Carol Ann Holmes, fholmesjr@bham.rr.com

Anyone who has information about SSgt Brendan O’Grady, 479 Tax Ftr Wg 831 Air Div AF. He was born Feb 28, 1937, and died Mar 30, 1968, and is buried at Milltown Cemetery in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Loyd Pryor, Dennis Lawrence, or John Terry – or anyone that served in E-Division, USS Grand Canyon, (1966-69). POC: Dennis Barker, old.horsecreek@live.com

Several men I served with on the USS Luzon ARG2 is Sasebo, Japan, (1958-59). They are: Ross Barger, Cincinnati, OH; Ray Willis, Wyoming; Bill B. Boysden, Albuquerque, NM; R.M. “Ray” Miller, Little Rock, AR. POC: Jack Townsend of Dora, AL, 205-648-9911, cell: 205-223-0310, jacko9027@wmconnect.com

Anyone that graduated US Army OCS Classs 4-64, Ft Benning, GA. POC: Ron Sommer, ronsommer@earthlink.net

Willie C. Loman, E6, Medical Laboratory AFSC, stationed at Offutt AFB (early ‘60s). POC: Larry Horton, horton37@aol.com, 770-251-1382

Rodney A. Blondin QMC (SS) (1963-64) USS Holmes County LST-836. POC: Ronald Bouchard, ya.bouchard@yahoo.com, 928-337-3182

Survivors of the USS Seahorse SS304, that served with a cook from this vessel, C.B. Cox. Mr. Cox is turning 85 years old. POC: Kathy Parramore, 3804 Castleberry Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32303.

Cmdr Willard L. Fish or anyone who knows him. POC: Martha Grenley, mgr231@sbcglobal.net

James Robert Adams, or anyone who knows him. He was born 2-17-32 in Atlanta, GA. His parents were Eldon & Dorothy. He did his boot training at Parris Island, SC in 1949, and was with the 1st Marine Division in Korea in 1950. POC: Luke Moore, luke92530@peoplepc.com, 503-959-7695 or 971-655-3476.

Anyone who served with the 26th Engineer Bn. POC: Linda G, iwfrog@mcleodusa.net 563-242-4061

Shipmates who served aboard USS Tanner AGS15 (1965-June 1966). POC: John Noga, jnoga@roadrunner.com

Buddies that were on the 1947 Football team at Obersiesenfeld, Germany. POC: Willard Roseberry, 830-990-8114, wroseberry@austin.rr.com

Don Pincocla, and anyone who served with the 604th Transportation Co., Vietnam (1968). POC: Jim Cash, tcash@mchsi.com

Anyone who was stationed at Patrick AFB in the mid-60s (especially August 1965). I am looking for my biological father. I was born August 18, 1965, at 8:35 am. He was a crew chief and paratrooper. He had brown hair and blue eyes. POC: James & Christine Stipe, whrsthebech@yahoo.com 786-523-9459.

Ground crew members of C-97 Acft 3960, Cams Anderson AFB, Guam, 1964-1966. POC: Earl Williams, 760-342-4352, ewilliams133@yahoo.com

Anyone who was a shipmate of Reid Walker. He was on board the USS Lexington as an engineman (1945-46). Possible shipmates are: Rodney Gould or John Miller. POC: Xavier Almaguer, xalmaguer@cooneyconway.com, 800-322-5573 or Reid Walker at 814-445-6687.

Anyone who knew Willis R. Whiting. He was a Machinist Mate and served on board the Guadalcanal (1967-71). POC: Luis Montalva, 617-742-9510, montalvo_luis@hotmail.com

Anyone who knew Jeffrey Alena. He was a little Italian guy from Schenectady, NY, and was attached to the HQ 50th Tax Ftr Wing. He was stationed at Hahn AB (1963-68), and ended up at Whiteman AFB in Warrensburg, MO. While in Germany he dated a lady (first name: Eve or Eva, and last name: Wehle or Werhley). He had a daughter with her, born December 16, 1966, and named Christina Marie. POC: Nicole Alena, nicolealena@hotmail.com

Anyone who knew Lonnie J. Malaska, and served in HHC 575th Engr BV (Const) Third US Army Korea, (Ft Gordon, GA). POC: Lorraine Malaska, lmalaska@ic-group.net

Anyone who served on the USS Agawam with Larry Alson Riddle – off the coast of Japan toward the end of WWII. POC: Rick Riddle, birdogrick@yahoo.com

Anyone who was on the USS Helena (1949-1950) and who knew Robert G. Bible. POC: JamieJHandley@aol.com

Anyone who served with Wilburn B. Herald, 5th Army, 45th Division, 401st AAA Gun Battalion, Battery in Sicily and Italy from 1943-45. POC: Imogene Herald, imogeneh@fuse.net, 513-797-4733.

Anyone who served with Robert L. Fee. He was sonar operator and ship’s painter on the Corvus (1943-45). POC: Robert C. Fee, Robert.fee@uc.edu, 512-232-7332,

Jim Capps, stationed at Hahn AFB, Germany, in October 1958. He lived with his wife Yogi and baby girl Donna, in Hochscheid village, 6 miles from base. His parents (Mr. & Mrs. W.S. Capps) lived in Okernah, OK. POC: Nancy Dopp, mndopp@leru.net

Jerry Barnes. He was on the USS Ajax in 1967. POC: Tamy Burke, mburke3@socal.rr.com, 714-470-8043. I am his daughter and he has not seen me since I was a baby.  My mother is Loyce Tyson, my birthdate is 9-19-67.

Ricky Gordon. He was stationed in Wildflecken, German (1977-83) and was attached to HHQ 54th Engineering. He was originally from Houston TX, and his birthdate is Jan. 31. POC: Carmen Collins (his daughter), in care of James Moore (jmoore@sfbs.org).

Staff Sgt Bill Thayler (not sure of spelling). He was at Sewart AFB in Smyrna TN in the mid 60s. POC: Sara Waggoner, sarawaggoner@charter.net, 314-324-5273.

Anyone who served with the 707 Maintenance Battalion (July 79-May 1982) (Food Service Team). POC: Carolyn F. Venable, magnet410@aol.com

Anyone who served in the Geodetic Survey Squadron (1959-93). POC Carrett Moore, garrettmoore@verizon.net

Joseph Nemecheck, stationed in San Diego  in the 50s-60s. On the USS Dixie Sub Tender. He was a Yeoman and he went to Vietnam. POC: Betty (Tucker) Hamilton, 619-267-5656. margiejb@cox.net

Anyone with the 70th Avn Det USARSUPTHAI, Korat Royal Thi AFB and Camp Friendship Thailand (1968-1970). POC: Larry Shed, 254-542-7160, lmshedd@gmail.com

Tri-Service Prize Crew (1968 QT-2PC) Dorsey, USAF TSGT (E6) R. P. (Tech Inspector) - Evans, USN LTJG W. R. (Asst. Ops, Officer/ Observer), Fink, USA PFC (E3) D. R, (Clerk Typist), Howie, USA Spec 4 Chris (Avionics volunteer), Jackson, USA PFC (E3) R.L (POL), Kanellos, USA SP4 (E4) C. (Supply NCOIC), Lewis, USA SP5 (E5) W. E. (Crew Chief), McCarty, USA SP4 (E4) (Observer), Morris, USN MMC (E7) J. V. (NCOIC/Maintenance Team Leader), Robles, USN YN3 (Operations NCO, Admin Clerk), Smith, USA SP5 J. L. (Smitty) (Fixed Wing Maintenance), Stuart, USA PFC O.F. (Avionics) QT-2PCII (Long Thanh,):, Anderson, LMSC (USAF)Col. R, C, (Andy)., Angelvich, Jack R. USA Sp4, Belgum, James R. USA Sp4, Nelson, USA Sgt Daniel L., Schmidt, USA Sgt. William J. (Avionics), Tielkemeijer, USA Spec.Lodewijk (Tiny), Wilson, Thomas E. USA Pfc. POC: Dale Ross, dalerossstith@yahoo.com, www.prizecrew.org or www.aircraft.org

Renee Borstad who married to Orville Borstad (USAF) (who is now deceased). POC: Yvonne Meli, thelittlesicilian@hotmail.com

Soldiers of the 8th S&T Bn, 8th Inf Div (1975-78) Bad KREUZNACH, Rose Barracks/Minick Kaserne. POC: Jandy (JD) Stamos, janwalker@fedex.com

Anti-tank Company, 5th Marines, Korea (1952-53) – Bob “Robert Q” La Barge, Sal Tenorio, or Edwin E. Fox “Double Easy Fox”. POC: Pete Peterson Baptie3@astound.net 925-686-2241.

Anyone who served at Brunswick Naval Base during the 50s. The Squadrons were VP-7, VP-10, VP-11, VP-21, VP-23, VP-26, and VP-44. We spent time at the Rainbow Restaurant, Fort George Steakhouse, The Bowdon Lounge, the Boulevard, and The Driftwood. POC: Norma Gayley, ngayley@peoplepc.com

Anyone who knew my father, Arturo Jorge Addeman of El Paso, TX. He was in the Army Air Corp and served in Europe. POC: V. Addeman, vaddeman@sbcglobal.net

Anyone who served on the USS Davis DD937 (1957-62). POC: Pete Lennon, 5 Skyline Dr., Plainville, CT 06062, 860-747-8761, ptlii37@aol.com

Anyone who attended a USCG Leadership Class in 1977 in Alameda, CA, particularly James F. Benton, Jr. (reservist from Hawaii). POC: Diana Lewis, acelewis@msn.com, 206-542-6348.

Anyone who served on the USS Dahlgren (1965-1969).  I was a radioman on the ship, after going through bootcamp in San Diego. POC: Graham Hendrix (Tex), clutelyn@aol.com

Anyone who knows James Foster. He is a black man who was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC in 1970. He was a military policeman, and did a tour in Vietnam in 1970.

SKCS John E. Rhodes on the USS San Diego AFS-6 (1975-79, Little Creek Naval Base 197-1980. POC: Brian Lewke, ralphbkramen@msn.com

Anyone with US Army-A Co, 17th Signal Battallion-Karlsruhe, Germany (1960-62). POC: Jimmy Dickerson, andreamccranie@gmail.com

Anyone that was in the 1st Target Acquisition Battallion, 26th Artillery in Aschaffenburg or Darmstadt, Germany. POC: Utah Rogers, urogers@sbcgloval.net

Anyone who served with James (Stan) Stampher, USAF Traffic Management Field (1951-77). POC: stampher@innernet.net

SgtMaj Steve Mills. He was a drill instructor at Paris Island (1971) and served in Vietnam in 1969. POC: Ronald Ruby, ronnieruby@yahoo.com

Michael D. Buckingham from Indianapolis, IN ()1st Cav 2/8th). POC: Mike Cook, mgcookier@suddenlink.net

Anyone who ever served in the 440th Signal Battallion. Am writing an oral history of the battalion (1942-2007. POC: James Hendricks, 530-622-4027, lesmagi@jps.net

US Marines from the 3rd Bn M Co Plt 3066, Parris Island, SC 1995. POC: John Gaddy jgaddy@cox.net

Anyone with the 506th SFW Dow AFB Bangor Maine (1953-54). POC: Tony Murello, airpirate5054@optonline.net

Anyone with the 12th Fighter Wing (1950-53) at Bergstorm AFB, Austin, TX. POC: Tony Murello, airpirate5054@optonline.net

Anyone with the WAF Ramey AFB, Puerto Rick (1954-73). POC: Connie Landi Daniel, 5098 N. Fairway Heights Dr., Tucson, AZ 85749, 520-749-5582, bcdaniel114@comcast.net, www.rameyafb.org

Platoon Sgt Bostic (from Oklahoma) I think it was 124th Signal Btln, Company “C”. POC: Dennis Harris, den4fn2a@hotmail.com

Anyone who served in the 63rd Security Polity Sqdn at Norton AFB (1979-83). Looking for photos of the SPs, vehicles, stations, etc. POC: Ken Medlin, 321-604-2121, Kenpomanfl@aol.com

Anyone who served in the Air Warning Squadron 8, USMC, with Jesse J. Mohn, Jr., 1945 (Mojave Desert Marines). POC: Jerry Mohn, jermohn@gmail.com

Anyone who served in Vietnam with Co C 701 Maintenance Battallion (1965-66). POC: Arvin Ellis, acellis314@verizon.net

Anyone who knew Ferninand Joseph Mauro, Jr. USAF, 1962-1966, attached to USAF Civil Engineering Squadrons 23rd CES, 388th CES, 835th CES, and 866th CESS. May have been pulled to form “Red Horse” or “Prime BEEF” Sqdns. Deployed to Vietnam twice. POC: Gerald Fabry, VSO, gerfab@comcast.net

Captain John H. Reid, LST666 (1944-1947). POC: Robin Fernandez, frbooger@comcast.net

Anyone stationed at Spangdahlem in 1989. POC: Joshua Strode jstrode89@yahoo.com

Anyone who served in the 697th Engineering Co, Pipeline Unit,m QuiNhon, S. Vietnam (Aug-Nov 1966). POC: James “Swampy” Netherland, jamlin261266@sbcglobal.net 972-352-9718.

Anyone with 187th Rakkasans Camp Wood Japan (1954-56) Co B 1st Battallion. POC: John Servizio, sirvizio@gmail.com

Anyone who served in the 46th Communication Squadron, Barksdale, AFB, LA. POC: John Hood, jch999@comcast.net

Anyone who knew James R. Parsons, Jr. He served in WWII. POC: Linda Root (his daughter) lindaparsons2003@yahoo.com

Anyone stationed in Thule Greenland (August 1959). I was investigator of the H-21 plane crash. POC: Marlin H.L. Thomas, mhlt23@yahoo.com

Anyone who served on USS George DE 697 (1943-1958). POC: Clifford Jenkins, 479-254-6805, countrygentleman@sbcglobal.net

John Thomas Younger (Bud or JT) with the 3rd Cavalry in WWII in the Philippines. POC: Nathan or Liz Kincade, kincadebuilders@sbcglobal.net

Any who participated in the Treasure Island Electronics School Band (May 51-Apr 52). POC: Clifford Jenkins, 479-254-6805, countrygentleman@sbcglobal.net

Anyone who was with the 11th Airborne, 127the Engineer Btln Hdqt Div, in Japan. POC: Willard “Bill” Dixon, mdixon@metrostlouis.org.

J.T. Thomas, SSgt, was a flight engineer on the C-130 Hercules. Last known location was Spring Lake, NC. POC: Bobby Brook (TSgt), 18192 Airport Rd, Andalusia, AL 36421, 334-222-7117, mbbrook21@hotmail.com or mbbrook@yahoo.com

Thomas J. French, Basic Training at Lackland AFB (Mar/Apr 1946). Lived in St Louis, MO in 1949. POC: Jerry Byers, jerrydee1@msn.com

Anyone who served with the 155th Transportation Co., (TS) “The Artic Kings” – Ft Story, VA, Goose AFB, Labrador, or Thule AFB, Greenland (1959-1962. POC: Darrell “Coolie Thule” Myers, 1310 8th St., Moundsville, WV 26041, 304-845-2505, darling@ovis.net. It’s been almost 50 years, but I think we are still STRAC!

Anyone with the 95th AAA Gun Bn (1949) Ft Bliss, TX to Ft Lewis, WA, and on to Camp Y79 in Mannheim Germany. POC: Elliot Smith, e-fsmith@sbcglobal.net

Anyone in the 573 AAA Bn S.P WWII (Col John Welch, Sipple, Thayle Nielson) POC: C.L. Dixon, soozeeque1@hotmail.com

Anyone with the 104th Engineers DT (Vietnam). POC: Ralph Keiper, rlkeiper@ptd.net

Anyone with the 20th Engineer Brigade (Vietnam). POC: Ralph Keiper, rlkeiper@ptd.net

Larry L. Johnson, in the 25th Army Battalion, Chu Chi Vietnam (March 1966). He went over with the 303 ASAS from Ft Carson, CO. He worked the radio research unit. POC: Spindrift777@aol.com

Anyone with the 460th Bombardment Group H, US 15th Army Air Force (Black Panthers) (1943-1946). Stationed at Spinazzola Army Air Base in Italy. POC: romahrt@yahoo.com or recept@mnhinc.com

Alumni from the Groton, CT base (Coast Guard) (early 1970’s). POC: Phillip Miller, phillipm929@yahoo.com

Doug Forsyth (SFC) was with the 47th Med Bn 1 Adat Monteith Bks in Furth, Germany. He had a German wife from Erlangen. POC: J Wilson, jwilson862@aol.com

Anyone stationed at Chanute AFB (1948-1949) MPs. Looking for a picture of the MPs. POC: Debby Williams debby5855@att.net.

Mark Stiver, served aboard USS Ranger CV-61 (1976-1980). His wife was named Cindy. POC: James Manuel, 817-800-9750, james.d.manuel@lmco.com

Family of James J. Barrett (deceased) from Wichita Falls, TX. POC: Hilberto Rodriguez, hgilrod@cableone.net

Anyone who knew Richard “Dick” W. Fisher of Oakland, CA. Served on the USS Porter and the  USS St George, during and after Pearl  Harbor. POC: Richard Fisher, 1818 2nd St., Kirkland, WA 98033, 425-822-0168, fishergl1800@comcast.net

John Thomas of West Virginia. Elfriede, now 76 of Schwabish Hall, Germany, would like to contact John Thomas. He was an MP in the US Army (1947-1948). He gave great comfort and aide to Elfriede and her family in the aftermath of WWII. John would have been born around 1928, and would currently be about 80 years old. POC: Elfriede, through Robert Taormina at tamicraft1@yahoo.com

Anyone who served on board USS Taylor (DD/DDE468) from initial commissioning in August 1942 to her turn over to Italy in July 1969. POC: Otto Zipf, (55-57) 11020 Winding Brook Ct., Manassas, VA 20111-4328m 703-257-5474, pozipf@earthlink.net www.destroyerhistory.org. Reunion planned for Oct 16-20, 2008.

Members of the 3rd Sqdn, 3rd Btln, Platoon B, Co 709th MP Btln, Bad Hersfeld, Germany (1967-1969). POC: Terry Dalton, twdalton@hotmail.com

Anyone who served on the USS Guadalupe AO32 (1952-1956). POC: Bucky, kathyndick@rcn.com

Robert Rady, James Elliott, James Lentos, Capt Adams. All worked together active duty USMC (1963-1966) Camp Pendleton MP Company Office. POC: Darlene Carr, ace2x@teleport.com, 503-667-5779.

Anyone who knew my dad, Ezekial “ET” Windham. Army/Air Force in the 403-13th Troop Carrier “Thirsty 13th”, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, 1942-1945. POC: E.T., irenewrong@aol.com

Anyone stationed at Joelton AFS, TN (799th AC&W Sqdn). POC: Jerry Swanson jls4-1@juno.com

Anyone that served with my father, Paul Subkoviak, 3rd Class Petty Officer, Nov 43-Dec 45 aboard the USS Mitchell. POC: Paulette Donovan, paulette.donovan@abbott.com 5440 Patrick Henry Dr, Santa Clar5a, CA 95054, 408-567-3567, fax: 408-588-2916.

Anyone stationed with the 3rd Inf Div Maint Team (1972-78) Germany. POC: Arvin Ellis, acellis314@verizon.net

Lt Cmd Lipsey, stationed at Sangley PT (1955-57). He was a pilot and legal officer. POC: Jerry Rochelle, k5qm@sbcglobal.net

Anyone stationed at Whiteman AFB, Missouri, (1953-57). POC: 488th Bomb Wing, Staff Sgt John Gitney, humdinger22@msn.com, 302-453-8844.

SGM (Ret) Billie Joe Greene, from Winona, MS. POC: Mike Pugh, mike.pugh@us.army.mil

SSgt Jeffrey Mills, Ops/Supply Sgt, A Co, 304th Signal Bn, Camp Red Cloud, Korea (1985-86). POC: Mitch Mickelson, michyy007@gmail.com

TSgt Jim Spires, or any other Security Police Specialist of the 48th SPS at RAF Lakenheath (1973-75). POC: Dale Pratt, prattdale@hotmail.com

William T. DeWalt, Jr., last know address in Virginia. Please contact drusher@aol.com or dgrossman@yahoo.com

Leonard Wood Stratton, Cpl, 179th Regiment, 45th Infantry Div, US Army, WWII. He was wounded and evacuated from Sicily in 1943. POC: Bill Stratton, billstratton6624@gmail.com

Anyone who knew my father, Andrew Craig Reynolds, Jr., First Lieutenant in Company A of the 596th Signal Warning Battalion, served during 1945 in New Guinea, and the Phillipines in WWII. POC: Craig Reynolds, acriii123@hotmail.com

Anyone who served with Eugene Leonard (US Army) He was born in Lake Charles, LA, and station at Ft Hood, TX (in the late 60s). He married Ollie Coleman of Marlin, TX. He passed away in 1967 and a house fire destroyed all of his pictures and personal affects. I am his son and looking for any pictures that might exist. POC: Lawrence Leonard, Lawrence.e.leonard@gmail.com

Anyone who knew LTCs John T. Keller and Fred Dwyer in Germany, or with personal stories of the Army Berlin Duty Train (MPs and Train Commanders). POC: Lee McCaslin, lmccaslin1@charter.net

Anyone with the “Charlie” Co., 1st BN 34th Infantry, stationed in Augsburg, Germany, 1961-65. POC: Theodore Steckler, Theodore.steckler@va.gov

Anyone who know my father, PFC George G. Duxbury. He was from Brooklyn NY, and was with the 3rd Army, 45th Division, 179th Regiment, Company G in WWII. He was a minesweeper in N. Africa, Sicily, Italy (Anzio) and France. POC: Mary Anne Duxbury Curel, maryanncurel@sbcglobal.net

Anyone who knew CMSGT Calvin Walls. Last know assignment Hahn AB Germany as Weapons Section NCOIC of 50th MMS, 50th TFW (early ‘70s). POC: Earle Witcher, dust-e@comcast.net

Anyone assigned to the Army’s 339th TC Harbor Craft Co of Camp George, FL. Shipped to England/France/Belgium in 1944. POC: John Lyons, jslrfd@aol.com

Anyone with information on the 623rd ORD Ammunition Co (1943-45). POC: Jon Hunder, djh6572@gmail.com

Looking for any Seabee in the 133rd that invaded Iwo Jima. My father is Fred Chitwood and living in SE U.S. POC: Diane Herring, dherringga@bellsouth.net, 770-983-3579 or 678-936-2333.

Kennth H. Shaver, retired Air Force. Stationed at Chelveston RAF Station England. Married a British girl, Pat Bellemy from Kettering, Northants, England. POC: Chuck Thompson, cethompson@cableone.net

Jack Ford from New Jersey. Served in Vietnam 1st Log Command 14th ICC Long Bihn (1968-69) and Robert Trinks, Chaplain Assistant, Long Bihn Vietnam (1968-69. POC: Patrick O’Brien, macado@blueriver.net.

Anyone who served in the 894th Tank Destroyer Battallion. My Grandfather, George Homer Moore, served with them in WWII (Africa and Italy). POC: Michael “Dewy” DeWitt, dewittm@eucom.mil 1320 Warren St., Placentia AC 92870, 951-824-6850.

Any information about Danniel L. Bonnell, served on the USS Forrestal CVA59 (1974-78), V-1 Div Crash and Salvage Team. POC: Pete Infante, airboss59@aol.com

Anyone at Ft Ord (1971 time frame) with the 613th Combat Engineers. Looking for reunion, General Lemon, and 1st Sgt Larson. POC: Loren “Chief” Shattuck, itsabovetwo@aol.com

Sgt Rick Shidler (from Indiana) and Nick Gomez, both with 377th USAF Hospital, Sansonnhut AFB (1972-73). POC: Jon Stokey, stokeyfam@yahoo.com

Shipmates that served on USS Greenwich Bay AVP-41. POC: Martin Brown, gbmailman@yahoo.com

Anyone who served on Renville APA227 (1960-64) POC: Terry Heatherly, tgheatherly@sbcglobal.net

Richard (Rick) Turner, with either Company D or Headquarters Company of the Army’s 440th Signal Battalion (1973-76). Originally from Washington or Oregon. He was Spec 4 in 1974. POC: Erin McClernon, erin.mcclernon@comcast.net

Anyone who served in the 164th MPCO NATO Site 104, Miesau, Germany (1989-93) and anyone who served with 13th MPCO at Camp Darby Italy, (1993-96). POC: Vince, mcnevinvincent@yahoo.com

William Clark served with the 758 Supply Co in Vietnam (1967-68). He was from Norfolk, VA. Also anyone who served with the 758 Supply Co. POC: Booker Huntley, 704-289-6528, veteran9@aol.com

Robert Wilson who was stationed in 1956 at USAF Station 143 North Pickenham Airfield in Norfolk, England. He was from Wisconsin. POC: B.J. Eggleton, eggletonfam@eggletonfam.fsnet.co.uk

Members of the 667th 932nd 933rd and 934the Aircraft Control and Warning Sqdns (1952-2006). POC: William Chick, littlechick@msn.com, 803-932-9596, www.usradarsiteiceland.org

Any information about WWII Campaigns of 608th Engr LE Co. POC: Steve Gage, gage@royell.org

Anyone who served on the 1931st AACS Sq at Elmendorf (1950-52). POC: Charles Cristian, clcmlc@sbcglobal.net

Members of the 823AAA AWS Battery B and the 818 MP Co in Manheim Germany (1945-46). POC: Jay Bashore, jbash1080@aol.com

Anyone with MCRD Platoon 2025. Senior Drill Instructor was Gunny/Sgt Louis H. Hazarko. POC: Cpl F Montecalvo, Sr., chatkat5@social.rr.com

Anyone in Vietnam in 1967 in Quan Loy with A Battery 6/27th Arty.  POC: Joe Craigmiles joemc47@yahoo.com

Anyone who served on the USS Sunbird 62 64 Rosenburger BM 1. POC: Robert Perrine, perrineRP43@wmconnect.com

Anyone stationed in S. Korea at Camp Stanley )1961-62 in the 13th Trans (Hel) or the 151st Maint (CHFM) Det H-21, Shawnee helicopters. POC: Larry “Link”  Coppala k4sfc@bellsouth.net

Anyone with the 629th Ord (FS) Supply Parts, Qui Nhon, Vietnam (1965-67). POC Gary Matthews, gmatt41347@aol.com, 403 Bardsley Ave, Neola, IA 51559, 402-658-0466.

Anyone who served on board Renville APA 227 (1960-1964). POC: Terry Heatherly. tgheatherly@sbcglobal.net

Anyone who served on the USS Randell APA-224 (1952-1956). POC: John Walsh, apa224vp16@comcast.net

MSgt Billy R. Tripp, SP/5 Jeffrey T. Green, CWO Charles Franklin. Last know in Heilbronn Germany, HHC 237th Engineer Medical Section. Tripp was an Army recruiter. POC: Michaeljennelle@aol.com

Anyone who served at McGraw Kasern in Munich, Germany (June 1957) and who remembers Staff Sgt Mike Lovato (or Lavato). POC: almenrausch@yahoo.com

Anyone who served on the USS Hermitage (Feb 1942 – Aug 1943) particularly if you new Cobern Kelley. POC: Blake Giles, 140 Woodberry Ct, Athens, GA 30605, 706-354-8382, 706-224-8979 (C), blakejr@bellsouth.net

Anyone who served on the USS Narwhal (Aug 1943 - 1945) particularly if you new Cobern Kelley. POC: Blake Giles, 140 Woodberry Ct, Athens, GA 30605, 706-354-8382, 706-224-8979 (C), blakejr@bellsouth.net

Coast Guard vets particularly if you served on Acushnet, Gresham, Algonquin, or were stationed at Air Station Cape May, or were in the U.S. Treasury unit that chased counterfeiters and bootleggers. POC: Blake Giles, 140 Woodberry Ct, Athens, GA 30605, 706-354-8382, 706-224-8979 (C), blakejr@bellsouth.net

A shipmate from the John W. Thomason DD760. His name is John Mix. He was a first class machinist mate. POC: Arvin Cowan, artcowan@msn.com

Persons with information about the Isthmus of Panama Expedition (1953). U.S. and Panamanian military trip following Spanish exploer Vasco Nunez Balboa’s 1513 route to Pacific ocean. POC: John Forgette, 104 S. Garden St., Bellingham, WA 98225, 5818, 360-671-5083.

Anyone who knew Maurice Kirkman. Served in Germany (1950-53, 18th Inf 1st Infantry Div), Korea (1953-54, M Co, 21st Rct, 24th ID), Ft Polk, LA (1962-70, Committee Group, and Vietnam (1968-69,MACV). He retired in 1970. POC: M.D. Kirkman, mdkirkman@columbus.rr.com

Anyone who served on USS Solomons CVE 67. My Dad, Joseph E. Comeau Sr. served on the Solomons, and I would like very much to talk to you about a possible reunion. POC: Joe Comeau, grtcmisn@ggcg.org

Looking for all who served with the 610thACW/618ACWSq (527ACWGp) Hq Itazuke-and all Detachments (Southern Japan). POC:   Contact President of the Southern Japan Radar Group, godfather1501@hotmail.com or check out the  website at: http://groups.msn.com/610thACWSqRadarSitesSouthernJapan/


Anthony Falconie, or anyone with Co. D, 2BN/5th Cav, 1st Cav. Div. Viet Nam (from March 66 - March '67). POC: Eugene R. Locke, buci4348@verizon.net

Rrichard Clevenger who was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam (I believe in Army Airborne Division.  POC: Stanz, stan1488@yahoo.com

Anyone who served on board the USS McCoy Reynolds (May 1953-July 1955) for possible reunion. POC: Lawrence White White@epsi.net

Anyone that served with the 504th Parachute Inf. Regt. Hq & Hq CO, during WWII. From Casablanca to the Elbe River Crossing. and anyone from the 505 PIR that participated in "Task Force Frigid" in Alaska 1946. POC: David Finney dfinney1@cox.net

Roland Cobb (Wife Penny), who served with me at Fort Holabird (Intelligence Command), from 1971-1973. He was assigned as an Enlisted Aide to BG Epps. POC: Denny R. Mack, 706-791-3476m (C) 840-5153 mackdr@gordon.army.mil

Anyone who lived at 1010 thru 1017 Mockernut Street, Vandenberg AFB, from Dec 67 to Apr 68. POC: Norm Mitchell, 618-588-4325, or mustang66@charter.net

Anyone stationed with the 435th OMS, Rhien-Main AB Germany for a reunion. POC: John Potter, Sr., john@johnsenterprizes.com, http://bruno4p.bravehost.com/, 417-622-0097

Kenneth Garrett, radioman who served aboard USS Duncan 1950 from Hominy, Oklahoma. POC: Mel Carey, melRcarey@Yahoo.com

James V. Greco, S/Sgt. in 126th Fighter Interceptor Squadron later changed to Air Refueling Squadron based at O'Hare Field in Chicago, IL during 1957-1966. POC: Wayne, WDCATS2@aol.com

Sergeant First Class Schultz who wrote the "Combined Forces March" with my father, CWO Robert K. Conn in 1978. POC: Laura Hill, laurascurse@hotmail.com

My buddies: Mack Knight, Raymond Randall (served in Spain), and Asa Hartvigsen (Newfoundland). POC: Harold Bowers, hnsbowers@cebridge.net, 936-653-2846.

Jerome (Tass) Schroeder, BTCS USN (Ret). POC: William (Bill) Brings, abtchief@hotmail.com

Former and present members of AACS/AFCS/AFCC/AFC4A/AFCA/AFFSA. POC: Mac Maginnis, 866-299-1045, www.aacsalumni.com

Anyone who served with the 619th Tacs Bin Thuy AFB, Vietnam, 1968-69. POC: carlabcapt@aol.com

Dennis Chase, of the VP6 Sqdn, based in Sangley Point and Subic Bay in Philippines. POC: Richard Chase, abisrafael@yahoo.com

Anyone who knows Robert N. Lewis, who lived in Houston, TX, and served in Co. A, 160th

Anyone who knew Allen Olander, known as “Ole”. He was stationed in Vietnam in 1969-71 with the 632 Air Police Sqdn, “Delta Devils”. He was Air Force, and from Dyersburg, TN. POC: Angie Taylor, ttat@plateautel.net

Anyone who remembers King D. Collins, from NAF Port Lyautey, USS Albany, Pickaway, Ranger, NAS Jacksonville. POC: King Collins, kingdavid15@comcast.net

Anyone who served on the USS Bigelow, (1957-82) POC: Frank & Brenda Calandrillo, 631 Blue Ridge Ln, Mahwah, NJ 07430-3420, 201-818-9668, frankmcal@aol.com

Anyone stationed at the 14th Field Hospital, Bad Kreuznach, Germany 1966-68. POC: Arley Smith, arleysmith@aol.com

Anyone who served on the USS Mauna Kea (AE-22) (1966-70). POC: Dick States, randsunited@comcast.net

Anyone who served with Robert Pflomm (particularly Arthur Hack, Joe Shelton, and Thomas Moran) Navy 1949-1952, NAVAIR in Jacksonville, FL. POC: kpflomm@aagtd.com

David C. Panill, Korea 1959-1961, with the 999 Armored Mech Field Artillery. POC: Gerald Pannill, 907 Hamilton St., NE Washington DC 20011, 202-529-0327, popsp507@aol.com

AF MSgt Richard Hackney, Kunsan Air Base, Korea 1984-85, Security Police Sqdn – transferred to New Mexico. POC: Bob Jones, 5798 Argyle Dr., Parsonsburg, MD benelliarmorer@aol.com

Sgt. Stanley Zeigler, my basic training Sgt at Fort Dix, NJ in April 1982. POC: Bekky “Durant” Stroman, rebeckahstroman@msn.com

James E. Bond, a USMC Vietnam Vet. Served with the 3rd Marine Div, 1st Amtrac Btln, Bravo Co., 4th Platoon, Vietnam (66-67) in the Quang Tri Provence, Con Thien, and the mouth of the Cua Viet River. POC: Diane Livingston, 813-972-2914, sdianel48@verizon.net

Anyone assigned to the 31st Tac Fighter Wing, 309th Tax, Fighter Sqdn, Tuy AFB Nov 66-Oct 67 – f-100d Aircraft Maint Crew Chiefs. POC: Andrew Wilkerson, awilkers@chartermi.net

Anyone who knew Sgt John Castilr. His wife was Martha, he was from KS. He was stationed at RAF Laarbruch, Germany in early 60s and was an air policeman. POC: Sgt Fletcher an Sgt Devine, fletchoc@cs.com

Anyone who served with 453rd Engineer Depot Co, 1945-46, Yokohama. POC: Ricky Day, 71 Blackgum Ct., Lake Jackson, TX 77566, rickyday@sbcglobal.net

Wallace Willock Eyre, stationed in N. Devon, UK during WWII, originally from New York. Had a son named Terry. POC: Sandy Buckley, sandy.buckley@devon.gov.uk

Bill Miller who entered the service from Silt, CO in June 1948. He was 16, and we took basic at Ft. Ord, CA. He went to Japan, and I went to Guam. May have moved to Arizona. POC: Louis Mizell, ltcrmizellx2@comcast.net

Anyone with the 3rd CES Prime Beef Team deployed to Team Spirit 1982 or 3rd Hospital Sqdn that remembers by admission to hospital with back injury. Medi-vaced to Osan and back to Clark AB. POC: Dale Wamsley, dalewamsley@cox.net

Anyone with the 8th Army from April 53 to Mar 55 in Pueson (Hyandi) Korea, 584 Transportation Co., APO 973. POC: Richard Davis, 304-669-0189, libith@excite.com

Anyone who served in the Sinai Desert (1982-1983). POC: Michael Carter, Michael.carter2@langley.af.mil

Halyard Mission pilots, 15th Air Force, 98th Bombardment Group. Looking for pilots involved in the rescue flights for the downed airmen in Yugoslavia in 1944. POC: Drew Mosley, mosleyd9@yahoo.com

Anyone assigned to the Air Force Advisory Team 6, Nha Trang AB, Vietnam (Sept 1969-Sept 1970). POC: Robert G. Soden, 3309 Valley Force Rd., SW, Decatur, AL 35603-3115, sodenb7854@yahoo.com

MSgt William Ramsey. Last known ICorps, RVM, 1969. POC: gwen49@juno.com

Anyone who served on the USS Mauna Kea (AE-22) (1966-70). POC: Dick States, randsunited@comcast.net

Anyone who attended a recognized military EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) school and served honorably in an EOD capacity. POC: William Ramsey, 23 Lehigh Ave., Hagerstown, MD 21742-6537, 301-797-2375, www.nateoda.org

Anyone who served with the 558 MP Co North Point (1970-76). POC: metajet@aol.com

Anyone who served with the 10th Air Police Sqdn, 10th Security Police Sqdn, and the 10th Security Forces Sqdn, of RAF Alconbury, England. POC: Wayne “Crazy Cajun” Guidry, 524 Hutchinson St., Mandeville, LA 80447, 985-727-3587, Guidry_w@bellsouth.net or 10sps1@bellsouth.net

Anyone who knew my father, SSgt Solomon M. Ilowitz, and any information about the 259th Army Station Hospital, Kwein Yang, China, 1945 and the China Detachment Center, Shanghai, China, 1946. Ilowitz trained at Ft. Bel Voir, VA, 1944, on to Camp Beale, CA, traveled on the USS Admiral Benson to CBI (1945, landed Burma, Bombay, Camp Kempura, Calcuta, 259th Station Hospital, 70th Field Hospital and Detachment Center, Shanghai, 1946. Discharged at Ft Dix, NJ. POC: Betty Ilowitz-Ryder, horseriderbet@hotmail.com

Robert Dandridge Feild, III. I believe he retired from the US Army, and his last known home was northern California. POC: Sam C. Feild, Jr. sfeild@ij.net, 4902 Imperial Palm Dr, Largo, FL 33771.

My father, Lt. David Jackson Sloan of Ft. Worth, TX. Stationed in Vietnam in 1970 with the Army Engineering Quartermasters. He returned in 1971. Need to find him for medical reasons. POC: Michael Sloan, psilmon@aol.com

James Ronald White, with the CO D 440th Bn, Darmstadt, Germany, 1972-75. POC: J.D., gustarva76@cs.com

My birth father, Leonard. My birth mother was Geraldine. He enlisted in Philadelphia, PA, and was stationed near Kansas City, MO in 1943. All I know is that he is a light skinned African American. POC: Marsha, misfather@aol.com

MSgt William Ramsey, last known I Corps RVN (1969). POC: gwen49@juno.com

Calvin Murphy (not the basketball player), last know address Lynchburg, VA. Anyone aboard the LST 213, (1944-45) and saw me blown off the signal tower. Captain’s name was W. J. Oliver. POC: Larry Murphy, Massey198@webtv.net

Anyone who served on the USS Mauna Kea (AE-22) (1966-70). POC: Dick States, randsunited@comcast.net

Anyone who attended a recognized EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) school, or served in an EOD capacity in any of the U.S. Armed Services. POC: William Ramsey, 301-797-2375, www.nateoda.org

Anyone with the 82nd Airborne Division. POC: airborne82101173@aol.com

Anyone who served with the 558 MP Co, North Point (1970-76). POC: Metajet@aol.com .

Anyone who knew my father, Marlin Kenneth Glass. We was with the 104th Calvary (Mech), and died at Indian Town Gap 12/01/44. I was an infant when he died. There are 3 names in my baby book from this era: Major William Swoope (Chaplain), Lt. Max Smith and his wife Babe (listed as my Godparents), and Phil Shaw. POC: Kay Glass, oldenram@aol.com

Anyone who knew or was stationed with my uncle Walter "Daisy" Samuel Knudsen, Gunnery Instructor on B-24 Liberator bombers. Last stationed at Nadzab, Papua New Guinea during WWII (21 Sep-9 Oct 1944). He had been assigned to HQ Sqdn, 8th Air Service Group, and at the time of his disappearance was assigned to the 360 Air Service Group in New Guinea as an Armorer Gunner. On Oct. 9, 1944, his plane and crew took off for their first training flight, and were never heard from again. His plane and crew were recently found in the New Guinea jungle after 61 years. The nine man crew was found due to the efforts of a local villager who found two dog tags belonging to Cpl Pushkar and 2nd Lt Johnson and notified the U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby. Walter received technical training at the gunnery schools at Lowry Air Field (CO) in Nov. 1941, and Henderson Air Field (NV) and Yuma Air Field (AZ) June 1943-Jan 1944. POC: Terri Knudsen tknud@comcast.net

All Navy and Marine Postal Clerks, past and present. POC: Abel Quinones, abelisable@comcast.net, 1244 Buena Vista Ave., Pacific Grove, CA 93950, 831-375-1263.

Norman Pare, stationed at the Naval Missile Center, Point Mugu (1967-69). POC: Phillip Poisson, USN-Ret, 619-429-4712, phillip.poisson@ngc.com

Shirley Eugene Almy, USAF March AFB in California (1957-58), and Lester Pinkston, USAF Patrick AFB (1966-68). POC: Roberta Machlan, rmachlan@direcway.com

Anyone who knew my father, SSGT Clyde R. Braviere, WWII. POC: Clyde Braviere, Jr., camel973@aol.com

Anyone with the 75th Air Depot Wing (1952-1956). POC: Walter Walko, 13616 Paradise Villas Grove, Colorado Springs, CO 80921.

Sampson AFB, searching for all Permanent Party, Womens Air Force (WAF), Basic Trainees, and Special Training School Personnel (1950-56). POC: Chip Phillips, chip34@aol.com, PO Box 331, Williamsville, NY 14231-0331, 716-633-1119, fax: 716-633-9118.

Anyone who served on the USS Walton (DE-631) for a possible reunion. POC: Jerry Hudson, 4750 Co Rd 480, Tebbetts, MO 65080, 573-295-6335, marjer67@earthlink.net

Ray Davis, who served in ACENT, Brunsom, Holland (1974-76). He was married to Diane, and they had two kids, T.F. (Theodore Franklin), and Angel. I think they were from Missouri. He would now be in his mid to late 50s. POC: Denis “Bronc” Middleton, denisx1x@e7even.com

Anyone who knew or served with my Grandfather, Joy Hynes. At St. Vith-168th Engineer/Combat Btln, during and after WWII. POC: Nola Hynes Brody, nola_brody@yahoo.com

Jesse Garcia, from Chicago. Was stationed at Loring AFB, Limestone, MN (1971-72. POC: Sharon Newell, newell_sharon@notmail.com

Anyone who served with the 12 Aviation Gp in Vietnam (1966-67) POC: commandtiger@msn.com `

Anyone who served in the 69th FBS K-55 Korea (1956-57). POC: Paul Gilson, gilsonp125@aol.com

Anyone who served with Ronald Clopton. Basic in Amarillo, TX (1967-68), and then to Aircraft School in January 1968. We were second to last squadron to go through Amarillo, TX, before they closed the school part down. POC: Ronald Clopton, r.clopton@cox.net

Looking for Reginald Hightower, who served in Munich, Germany, (1952-55). He had a son with Charlotte Rosinsky. POC: Dr. Frank Walters, 202-438-9773, fewahcs@aol.com

Anyone who served with the 7th FA BN 1st Inf Div, Schwabach, Germany, 1946-52. POC: PandJwhit@aol.com

Anyone who was aboard the USS Enterprise CVA(N) 65, January 1969. POC: Michael Neville, ichabod1969@charter.net

Anyone who was in the class of B-12 Military Police School, Ft. McClellan, AL, Novemer 1983. POC: Herbert Meckle, hmeckle@eo.kollmorgen.com

“Charlie”, don’t remember his last name. He was stationed with the 2nd Infantry Division in Dongucheon, Korea (1986-88). He was from Michigan, and his mother was Korean, named Chongja Kim. POC: Sungho Park, sunghpark55@hotmail.com, 757-286-3562.

Roy Buckner, who was stationed in George AFB, CA form 1983-86, and then in Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, 1987-1990. I think he was from Dalton, GA and would be about 47 years old. POC: Earl Croy, guam99@hotmail.com

Anyone who served with Fernando N. Thompson. He began his career in 1980 as a 63T, and serve as a Drill Sgt, at Ft. Knox, KY and Aberdeen Proving Ground. Served as 1Sgt for HHC DISCOM, D Co 4th FSB, Ft. Hood, TX. Planning a retirement party for Oct. in Baltimore, MD. POC: Sandra Thompson (spouse), Sandra.thompson@hqda.army.mil

Anyone stationed at Lowry AFB during 1941-42. POC: Elwood Stein, 3810 Lynette Dr, Amarillo, TN 79109-5636.

Anyone stationed aith Aco 5/502 Inf Berlin BDE (1986-89), and Aco 1/8 Cav 1st Cav Div (1989-92). I was the Company Communication Chief, SSG Hector Torrez-Ramirez, usaret1cav@hotmail.com or usaret311@juno.com

Anyone with USN at Gunnery School at Camp Farragut, ID, (1942-43), and contracted rheumatic fever and shipped out to hospitals. POC: Jeanne Moshner, jmoshner@msn.com

Ralph G. Martin, US Army during WWII, and then retired from U.S.A.F. As a civilian worked in S Vietnam, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Worked for Bell Holicopters in Isfahan, Iran (1978-79). Born in approximately 1925, in KY or TN. Last known address in FL or NV. POC: William Huggins, b6021@msn.com

Anyone who knew Harry M. Davis, from Harrisburg, and served in Munich in 1967. POC: Hajo Quest, hajoquest@gmz.de

Walter Ludwig and Martha Helfiger Beeson who were stationed in Okinawa, Japan (1960-1961). They had a son named James Edward Beeson, who they gave up for adoption. They may have moved to Washington state. POC: Veronica McLendon, b_vmclendon@sbcglobal.net

Anyone that was in B, M, E, & R Divisions on board USS England (DLG22) (Jan 1966-April 1970). POC: John Yancy, jnpyancy@bellsouth.net

Samuel L. Grigg, stationed with 7260th Support Sqdn, Lindsey AB, Wiesbaden, Germany in 1955, and anyone stationed with the 1414th Air Base Wind, Dhahran Air Field, Saudi Arabia (1948-1949), especially Herbert L. Yates or Diaz. POC: Floyd Bradshaw, floydbradshaw@sbcglobal.net

Casey Johnson, who served on Treasure Island, 1990-1994, POC: Jeff Copley, jlcopleyusn@alltel.net

Anyone from Sampson AFB 8/51-10/51, Keesler 10/51-3/52, and Thule, 8/54-7/55. POC: Lyle Ostrander, corbincar@centurytel.net

Anyone who served in the South Atlantic Wing of the Air Transport Command in Brazil, 1942-1945. POC: Julian Kalotkin, 15640 Bottlebrush Cir, Delray Beach, FL 33484.

Anyone in the 158th Aviation Btln, Ft Campbell, KY, 1975-78. POC: Richard Kelley, rekelley63@hotmail.com

Old friends who were with the 28th Avn Group, Arlington, TX, before they closed (early 90’s). POC: Donna Davis, 817-252-7527, dmdavis@pier1.com

Anyone who served with 1st Inf Div, 121st Sig Bn . A Co, Laike, Vietnam, from Apr-Aug ’68, specifically SSgt Clarke a pole lineman, last seen as a MSgt Drill Instructor at Fort Gordon. Also anyone who served with Military Police, downtown Pleiku, Vietnam during Tet Offensive, Jan 1968, especially Desk Sgt/Operations Sgt and BrigGen serving on Inspector General Staff. POC: J.C. Adams, 252-223-0235.

My old group from 90th Arcom Headquarters, 1989, San Antonio, TX. POC: Donna Davis, 817-252-7527, dmdavis@pier1.com

Anyone with the 28th Aviation Group, (1991) Arlington, TX. POC: Donna Davis, 817-252-7527, dmdavis@pier1.com

Lee Wayne “Soupy” Campbell, aka “Silver Fox”, from the USS Haddock SSN621 (1968-71). Last time I saw him he was MMCM (SS) and COB on one of the attack boats in San Diego. POC: John Olson, john_642@Yahoo.com

Anyone who knew Norman Rochefort. He served with Troop A, 106th Sqdn, 106th Calvary Group. Discharged in May 1945. POC: Scott McPhee, nomoco@chartermi.net

Anyone who served with Echo Company, 2nd Btln, 3rd Inf 199th LIB (1966-1970), POC: EchoEchoes66@aol.com

Anyone with the 321st Bombardment Wind (M) (B-47s) (1953-62) McCoy AFB in Orlando, FL. POC: T.H. Dunn, 11629 Fox Run, Port Richey, FL 34668, 727-868-5476, dunnthdj@tampabay.rr.com

Anyone who served with Echo Btry, Target Acquisition, 2nd Infantry Div, Korea, 1984. POC: James Grainger, jgrainger@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Michael J. Phillips, stationed at Ft. Hood, TX. His wife’s name was Kelly and he had a son named Brandon. Last known duty station, Ft. Deveons, MA. POC: rodsmi25@aol.com

Anyone who was stationed at Sampson Air Force Base (1950-1956), including Womens Air Force (WAFs), Basic Training, Special Training. POC: Sampson AFB Veterans Assn, PO Box 331, Williamsville, NY 14231-0331, 716-633-1119, fax: 716-663-9118, chip34@aol.com

John Bowman, station in Washington DC at the White House in 1975-76. POC: Michelle Larkin, via Eddie Baker, 478-222-3403, Edmund.baker@robins.af.mil

Tommy J. Green, stationed at Loring in the 1970s and in California in the 1990s. Originally from Texas. He worked at Beale AFB in 1987, and resided in Rancho Cordova. Birthdate was in May of 1947 or 1948. POC: Devoura, qajalexander@aol.com

Scott Limon, form HC-3 (1996-99). POC: Juan Ordaz, 832-656-2549.

Anyone who served with ACU2 Little Creek VA aboard LCU 1612, 1487 (1963-65). POC: Frank Landi, fl571@optonline.net

Anyone who served at the US Naval Submarine Base, Noise and Vibration Shop 54, Engineering and Repair Dept, Lower Base. POC: John J. Kaiser Jr., of Brunswick, ME, w1jjk@suscom-maine.net

Elston Howard, was part of the Submarine Community (QM/ET), retired as a CPO. POC: Dan Dilbert, 202-757-0914, ddilbert@whmo.mil

Richard “Rich” W. Byrne, Jr., who was stationed in Hawaii in 1969 when his daughter, Connie, was born. He retired from the Marine Corp, and his last known address was California. Married to Karen, and had a son names James. POC: mdrtrixie@wmconnect.com

Anyone that served in the 10th Inf Div (1955-58) Operation Gyroscope. POC: Ray Marineau, xpunm@aol.com

Anyone who served or trained at Sampson Air Force Base (1950-56). POC: Chip Phillips, PO Box 331, Williamsville, NY 14231-0331, chip34@aol.com 716-633-9119, fax: 716-633-9118. Also looking for all former POWs or MIAs (or survivors of former POWs/MIAs) to be placed on our Honor Roll. Contact Chip Phillips above.

SSG Daniel Chavez stationed with 88th Maintenance Co, Hanau, Germany (1981-82). Went on to Fort Hood with C27 Mt Bn 1 Cav Div. Originally from Los Angeles. POC: Janet Peralta, janetperaltadpap@yahoo.com, 805-484-7255.

James Lewis, station in the Philippines 1978-85, and had two kids (Jaqueline and Gilbert) with Cecilia. Last know address is USS Henry B. Wilson (PAGT)(FPO), San Francisco. POC: Leah Mick, lilcorbin23@yahoo.com

Craig A. VanMeter, last known station in California (1975-76). Married to Judy. POC: Laura Keith, laura-keith@sbcglobal.net

Richard E. Miller who served on the USS Conway DD507, in Vietnam in 1966. POC: TLMM442@aol.com

Leslie E. Schoolcraft (Air Force – 1956) stationed at Rushmore Air Force Station (nuclear weapons). POC: subiek@aol.com

Anyone who crossed the Pacific to the Philippines on the troop ship USS Hampton (August 1945) or assigned to USS ABSD-1. POC: buckeye_35@hotmail.com

Wilda (Wiggins) Clarke, last known in Orlando, FL teaching Basic. POC: Jeff Clarke, jaclarke01@hotmail.com

Anyone who was a member of 482nd FIS at Seymour AFB. POC: George C. Willick, gwillick@seidata.com, www.gwillick.com/482ndFIS/index.html

Lawrence R “Wes” Weston, and William “Sugerbear” Laster from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69). POC: Toby Washington, tobe45@cox.net

Marshall (Skip) Rines, last know in Riverside, CA, and anyone with USAF Physiologial Training Personnel. POC: Frank Haddock, fhaddock@satx.rr.com

Anyone who knew my Grandfather, Richard Harris. POC: Tara Copp, tlcopp@hotmail.com

All individuals that worked for the CBPO Admin Office, and Detachment One, 1937th Electronic Installations Squadron, Clark, AFB, Phillipines, (1982-88) POC: Richard Bearce, Jr., manambrag@mailstation.com

Charles (Chuck) Craig, Mobile Alabama Air Station (mid-70s). He was an amateur radio operator, and call letters were WA7INS. POC: Martin Ross, martinbsee@aol.com

Bill Maxon, last known in Anchorage, AK (1975). POC: Virginia Southerland, virginia3870@yahoo.com

Anyone who knew Charlie Hase, 656th Field Artilery (Apr 44-Oct 45). POC: Bill Hase, hase@tstar.net

The Women’s Overseas Service League (WOSL) is looking for all women (military and civilian) who served overseas. POC: WOSL, 319 Wickes St., San Antonio, TX 78210-1247, carolhabgoos@sbcgloval.net

Anyone that served or trained at Sampson Air Force Base (1950-56), POC: Chip Phillips, PO Box 331, Williamsville, NY 14231-0331, chip34@aol.com

Anyone that served at least one day while younger than minimum legal age of enlistment. POC: Robert Thorpe, Veterans of Underage Military Service (VUMS), 888-653-8867, www.oldvums.com

Christopher John Jackson, DOB March 1958, of Harvey, IL. DMAFB-41st ECS in 1984, Rhein-Main Germany 1984-86, Offutt AFB in 1986. POC: Christopher Keeling, 520-304-0493, soph8ed@aol.com

All 3650th Basic Military Training Wing, Permanent Party, Womens Air Force (WAF), Basic Trainees, Special Training School Personnel (1950-56). POC: Chip Phillips, PO Box 331, Williamsville, NY 14231-0333, chip34@aol.com

Anyone who has information about an outpost near Dong Ha in Norther I Corp between 10-68 and 10-69, who knew Aaron. He was assigned to Battery C, 1st Bn, 44th Air Defense Artillery, a subunit of the 108th Artillery Group. POC: Vernon Jacks, VEJacks@aol.com

John Volan who was in VC-12, NAC Oceana, VA (April 78). Possibly retired in Toledo, OH. POC: Samuel Bomyea, sbomyea@aol.com

James R. Schraeder, served in the 3704th BMTS, Lackland AFB (1976). POC: Joseph Standifer, jstandifer@gt.rr.com

Tom & Moe Taylor – Burtonwood 1956, and Richard Albright – England AFB 1965. POC: Lee Harris, leeharris@cfl.rr.com

Jesse Hammond, USMS at MCRD San Diego (1962-63). POC: Moe Meredith, xlmoe@hotmail.com, 989-755-4583.

Sgt Clyde Rice, last know stationed at Marine Corp Military Police at New River Station, NC. POC: rxtech1@iwon.com

Capt. Ferrell(sp?) – Seventh Special Forces at Ft Bragg (1962). POC: Kenneth M. Stewart, kandbstewart@alltel.net

TSgt James Howard Tolbert (and family, Mary, Kirk, Ryan, and Garth) stationed with AF Security Service in Frankfurt Germany in early 1970s. Last known at Pease AFB in 1972. POC: Kristine or James Doritty at kjcraftylady@rap.midco.net

Anyone with Hedron FAW3 (June 1945-August 1945). POC: Herschel Reaves, PO Box 261, Cabool, MO 65689, 417-962-4463, jreaves@pcis.net

Anyone who served at the Lindsey Air Station accounting office, Wiesbaden, Germany (1966-68). POC: John Diehl, cvtemptor@aol.com

Anyone who knows my father, Don L. Jones. Served in the US Army (1942-65) (tours in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam). Would like information about a unit he was in after basic training at Ft. Carson, CO. I think it was in “Pack Artillery”, that was deployed to Burma (1942-43) – possibly associated with Merrills Marauders? POC: Louis Jones, PO Box 1, Marina, CA 93933, bonny775@msn.com.

Anyone with 768th AAA gun battalion, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, WWII. POC: John Olshesky, jjolshesky@myeastern.com

Earl McKenna “Duke” Dupont, stationed at Wiesbaden, Germany (1950-1953). POC: S. Baker, s.baker2@comcast.net

Anyone who knew my grandfather, MSgt Robert Edward Norton, born 9-8-32 in Chicago, IL, died 9-3-03 in Orlando, FL. He served 3 tours in Vietnam, and was decorated by both US and Vietnam. POC: Kayla Newton Burress, ljburress46@earthlink.net

A man stationed in Saigon in 1966, possibly with the B-52’s at Tan Son Nhut, AFB. He had a son with Huynh Thi Thuy, who worked at the field hospital. POC: Robert Underhill, Robert.underhill@sbcglobal.net

Anyone associated with Mcgraw Kaserne in Munich, Germany (1970-72). POC: Isiah Tapley, htandit2@aol.com

Earl Crawford (wife Doris) stationed in Naples Italy in early 1960’s – submarine service and MARS. POC: Bill Wayland, 860-621-0427, bwayland@sbcglobal.net

A shipmate from the USS Yorktown (1953-54) named Jimmy Hendrix. He was an airman from Anadarko, OK. POC: Bobby D. Johnson, annaj1260@yahoo.com

Renee Mosher, newly retired from Air Force. Last known assignment ARPC in Denver. POC: Deb Ross, yehuda32@hotmail.com

Anyone who served in the 357FA/92INF in and around Italy and S. Germany. POC: Willie Davis, Jr., hathat@aol.com

Anyone who served with my father, Jay Joseph Buterbaugh, retired (1955-77). USS Oriskany CVA 34 Attack Squadron 153 (1964-66). POC: Joetta Depaepe, joetta41@yahoo.com, 817-577-2579.


Anyone who knows Richard “Hitch” Hitchcock (1942-1967). POC: Richard Hitchcock, 1706 Langley Way, Langley Park, MD 20783


Anyone who served in the 6091st Reconron (1956-58) Yokota Air Force Base, Japan. POC: Venice Dufrene, chieflanky@bellsouth.net


Anyone who served in the USN, PAMI, 4nd (Phila) in the early to mid 60’s. POC: Dick McMichael, dick.mcmichael@dataquestinc.com


John Lowe, last known at Yokota Japan in AFCS & Hydraulic Shop (1960-62). Married to English woman, Margaret. POC: Ron Vallino, 480-575-6935, in Scottsdale, AZ. ronvallino@aol.com


Anyone who served with the 1414th Air Base Group at Dhahran Air Field, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (1948-49) – specifically Diaz and Herbert L. Yates. Yates was from N. California and served at Fairfield-Sussian Air Force Base, CA. POC: Floyd Bradshaw, darb94565@aol.com


An American Soldier named Garcia who had a son, Michael, in Seoul, Korea, with Mun Bok Kum, on July 22, 1970. POC: Kate Mun, mike-kate@comcast.net


Anyone who knew my father, Reginald “Reggie” Johnson, Chanute AFB (1976). My mother is Jeanie. POC: Lamar A. Handy, handysone@hotmail.com


Any member of the 14th Observation Sqdn (1942) stationed at Hillsgrove, RI and Hyannis Airport, MA. POC:


John Wolsey, 8718 Old River Rd., Marcy NY 13403, cmsgt1941@aol.com 315-768-4986.


343rd Bomb Squadron, 98th Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force, Lecce Field, Italy. Looking for anyone with the above, plus friends and survivors of air crew lost 2-22-44 (B-24, SN: 42-73138).


Donald and Dona Dement. He was Btln Sgt Maj of 509th Signal Btln in Paris France in 1956-57, and later at Ft. Bliss, TX. POC: Leonard D. Myers, myersldm1928@aol.com


Anyone associated with USS Tolovana (1945-75). POC: USS Tolovana Foundation, PO Box 2724, Harbor, OR 97415, 0325, 503-419-6276 or 866-856-0673, usstolovana@charter.net


Patrick Fiveash, last known at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station (1995-96). Must contact before 12-15-2003. POC: Danny J. Autrey, 206-689-8735 (call collect) or djautrey@stoel.com


Anyone with Co 609-43. Camp Waldron, USNTS, Farragut, ID, Reg 1, Bttn 4, specifically W. J. McGinty, C Sp Co Cmdr, who knew my Grandfather Charles Wilcox. POC: Charmaine at charmaineworm@aol.com


Anyone stationed with the Base Master at Arms in Subic Bay (1969-72). POC: Robert Stone, navvet@earthlink.net


“Coe”, stationed on Yerba Buena Island, and Pearl Harbor, HI, (1958-60). POC: Bob Stone, navvet@earthlink.net


Herbert Fort (originally from Oklahoma) and Robert R. Brown, Jr. (originally from Houston, TX). We were station on the USS Badoeng Strait (CVE116) and on the USS Hancock (CVA19) (mid 1950s). POC: Guessler Normand, guesslernormand@hotmail.com


Anyone in Platoon 188 MCRD, San Diego, Oct-Dec 1964, the Detached Gd Co, Subic Bay, RPI 1966, HQ Co Subic Bay, RPI, HQ Co, 5th TankBn 1968-69, Repair Div, Barstow, CA 69-70, HQ CCo 1st FLC Tracked Veh. Repair 1970-71. POC: James R. (Bob) Jay, usmc188@sinclair.net


John Fredericks, US Army Band (1960s). POC: Robert Ferguson, bfergysan@aol.com


Albert J. Sanders stationed with 5th Communications Sqdn, Tachikawa, Japan (1957-60). POC: Bill Wilson, tsv13025@bellsouth.com


USS Chopper (SS-342) Submariners. POC: James Murphree, jfmurphree@aol.com, 850-837-0307.


Anyone who served in the 656 AC&W Sqdn, Schenectady, NY (1950-51) or with the 10th Radar Calibration Sdqn, Yokota, Japan (1953). POC: Bobby Johnson, bjohnson1308@charter.net


Anyone who knew Charles A. Marotta, at 171 Infantry Brigade (fall of 1969). He was assigned as a 76x.40

(Ration Distribution Sergeant). POC: Charles Marotta, 40 Golf St., N. Dartmouth, MA 02747, 508-993-9605.


Anyone who knew Jack Merrill. He was a gunner on a B29 in WWII. I think he was shot down over Japan, and was stationed on Tinian Island. POC: Mary Ellen Galo, jgalo@icss.net, 204 Linda Dr, Fairview Heights, IL 62208.


Clarence Mizell, he worked in Army Headquarters Europe in Orleans, France (1959-61). He married a French girl, and had a son. He as originally from Florida and his brother, Charles, was in the Navy. POC: davedahl@wwt.net