Staff Leadership

The staff of both the National HQ as well as our Washington D.C. offices are here to serve you who have served. Don't hesitate to call or email with your concerns or questions.

TREA: The Enlisted Association National HQ
1111 S. Abilene Ct. • Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-752-0660 • 800-338-9337
Fax: 303-752-0385 • 888-882-0835
Hours 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Mon-Friday

Debbie Osborne
Director For Operations

Hazel Simeon
Member Services

Misty Siggins
Administrative Assistant

Candace Robinson
Receptionist/Front Desk

TREA: The Enlisted Association Washington D.C. Office
500 Montgomery St. Suite 400 Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-684-1981 • 800-554-8732
Fax: 703-548-4876 • 866-548-4876

Deirdre Parke Holleman
Executive Director

Larry Madison
National Legislative Director

Mike Saunders
Deputy Legislative Director