Call for National Board Positions 

Now is the time to start thinking of how you can help move TREA forward.  All 7 positions on the National Board are up for election. The positions are: President, 1st Vice, 2nd Vice, 3rd Vice, Treasurer and two Directors.  All positions are for a 2-year term.
If you are interested in running for a position on the national board, please review Article IX of the National Bylaws for eligibility requirements.  All resumes must be submitted on TREA Form 100-3 and must be signed and dated.  All forms must be received at TREA Headquarters by noon on June 15th.   All resumes received will be followed up by Headquarter staff with a ‘confirmation of receipt’.   Due to printing deadlines, there cannot be any exceptions to this deadline.  
All voting will be conducted electronically or by mail-in ballot.  Details will be provided in the Spring and Summer issues of The VOICE Magazine.  
If you have any questions, please contact the Nominations Committee Chairman, Mr. Butch Liebaert at [email protected].
Click here  for Form 100-3