John Adams Master Sergeant USAF (Ret)

National President

Before a
Of the
March 22, 2017


The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) does not currently receive, nor has it received during the current fiscal year or either of the two previous years any federal money for grants or contracts. All the Association’s activities and services are accomplished completely free of any federal funding.

Chairmen Isakson and Roe, Ranking Members Tester and Walz and distinguished members of both Committees:

It is an honor for me to speak before this Joint Committee hearing about TREA’s legislative goals and concerns for FY2017 and beyond for America’s military veterans and retirees as well as their families and survivors.

We are pleased once again to appear before your Committees with our suggestions as to how Congress can improve the lives of the men and women who protect and have protected our nation’s safety and freedoms. I am John Adams, National President of The Retired Enlisted Association. TREA was created in 1963 to give the men and women who serve or have served in America’s enlisted ranks a voice to speak to our Government. Our members are from all the branches of the Armed Services. They serve or have served on active duty, in the Reserve Components and many of their spouses and surviving spouses are also veterans or are members of our Auxiliary. Of course, many things change in over 50 years. Originally all our members were military retirees or those who were planning to serve a full military career. Then we opened our membership to all veterans from the enlisted ranks as well as retirees. As a Congressionally chartered VSO since 1992 with members who were Department of Defense retirees as well as veterans we have always worked on and studied veteran issues. And this
year we have had the honor of welcoming to TREA all the enlisted members of the National Association of Uniform Services (NAUS).

Before I begin I must again thank Congress for granting veterans status to Guard and Reserve retirees. This was a long-time goal for both TREA and Ranking Member Walz. We were thrilled when it was finally put into law.

TREA also wishes to thank the members and staffs of both your Committees for your active and crucial oversight of the VA. It is an enormous job we know but without your continual oversight these past several years we would not have dealt with (and sometimes not even know) about the hospital and Veteran Integrated Service Network (VISN) scandals, and backlogs and false reporting that we have all worked to be corrected again, thank you and your terrific staffs.

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