Memorial Foundation's Armed Forces Aid Campaign

This program was established in 2004 through a fundraising enterprise. Funds from this program provide assistance to active duty and retired veterans involved in Afghanistan, Iraq and the War on Terror worldwide. Priority assistance will be given to persons who are permanently disabled or handicapped as a result of combat related activity and includes the families of those killed or missing in action. Through AFAC fundraising, the Foundation has provided financial aid to enhance the morale and living conditions of our troops. The Foundation has provided both tangible and various morale support items to the wounded warriors helping them on their road to recovery. Additionally, AFAC funds have also provided: Scholarships, a newly instituted program providing Commissary grocery cards for families in need, international phone cards, Vocational Educational Training for those leaving the military and need assistance in transitioning to civilian life, prostheses and canine dogs for wounded veterans in the USA, financial assistance to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Distress Disorder (PTSD) victims, and much more. Support has been provided to active duty military, veterans, Reserve and National Guard members through contributions by individuals and organizations. AFAC is registered in all fifty states as a charitable organization authorized to conduct fundraising activities.