Our Purpose

To be the professional military organization of choice for all enlisted personnel, veterans, their families and grandchildren.

Our Promise

Lead the fight to enhance the quality of life for all enlisted personnel of the uniformed services, veterans, their families, and survivors. To stop the erosion of earned benefits through our legislative efforts, maintain our esprit de corps, dedication and patriotism, and to promote devotion and allegiance to God and Country.     

Our Guiding Principles – What We Live By:

TREA’s Guiding Principles include these eight important elements:

 •        Promote love of God, our country, and the flag;                                     

•        Support the honor and integrity of our country and constitution;       

         •        Advocate for military forces adequate to the defense of our country;          

     •        Promote the integrity and prestige of uniformed services;                         

      •        Promote fraternal relations between all branches of the military services
                                                                       Of the United States of America;                                                                                                                                                                                  

•        Promote and support the education of children of service personnel;  

                                              •        Aid service members, veterans, and their families in need according to our principles and ability;  

Now accepting Application for the 2020-2021 TREA Scholarship

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Now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Auxiliary Scholarship 
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It began with an advertisement in the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, February 12, 1963, to gather retired enlisted men for a discussion.
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Our Mission: to enhance the quality of life for uniformed services enlisted personnel, their families and survivors. JOIN or RENEW today!
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