February 12, 1963
Notice of a meeting for Retired Enlisted men from all branches of the Armed Forces to discuss the formation of a Retired Enlisted Personnel Association is placed in the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph.
February 27, 1963
Colorado State Charter is issued.
June 26, 1972
A National Auxiliary is authorized and approved.
August 17, 1981
The abbreviation REA was changed to TREA and the "The" was capitalized to gain credibility through the sister organization The Retired Officers Association (TROA).
July 23, 1983
The VOICE of the Enlisted publication is being published.

June 20, 1986
TREA is recognized as a Veterans Service Organization by the Office of the Administrator of Veterans Affairs.
July 24, 1986
TREA National Auxiliary State Charter is issued.
October 1987
TREA National Headquarters is moved from Colorado Springs to the top floor of the Lowery Credit Union building in Aurora, Colorado.
July 17, 1990
TREA purchases a building for its National Headquarters. 1111 S. Abilene Court, Aurora, Colorado.
July 26, 1990
TREA Foundation is established. The Foundation was organized to provide charitable and educational assistance to its members.

October 23, 1992
TREA was Chartered by Congress in Public Law 102-484.

September 1993
TREA Senior Citizens League (TSCL) is established as an independent citizens action and education non-profit organization.
September 9, 1993
The Mortgage for the National Headquarters was burned in a ceremony at the National Convention. The mortgage was paid in full on March 31, 1993 through the efforts of TREA members, Chapters and TREA Auxiliary.
October 1, 2001
TRICARE for Life goes into effect - TRICARE for Life is Medicare wraparound coverage for TRICARE - eligible beneficiaries who have Medicare part A and B.

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