Emergency Financial Assistance Program        

         Financial Assistance Application                          

Who is eligible for financial assistance from TREA?

Any enlisted person who served honorably or is serving in the United States Military, active duty members and those currently serving in the guard and/or reserve


Do I have to be a TREA member to receive assistance?

No, you do not have to be a TREA member to apply for and receive assistance from TREA; however, TREA members do receive preference.


What kind of assistance is provided?

This program is designed to assist with emergency essential needs, like rent, utilities, food and medical. 
 We also have a program that may be able to help with medical or emergency travel expenses and we are setting up a program with hotels across the country to assist with providing temporary shelter for those in need.


Is there a limit to the aid that is provided?

Yes, there is a maximum assistance policy of no more than $1,500 per family in a 12-month time period.  This does not mean that you will automatically receive $1,500.  Your application will be reviewed by the committee and a decision will be determined based of the information and documents that you provide. 


Will TREA help me with car loans?

No, this program is not set up to assist with vehicle loans; however, we will   assist with vehicle repairs.  If this is your concern, please call the office today to speak with someone who can assist you.



What about Hurricanes and Floods – does TREA provide financial assistance to help with things like this?

Yes we do.  This program is run a little different that our regular assistance   program as we may have the ability to provide greater assistance.  If you have been the victim of a natural disaster and need assistance, please call our office and talk to someone who can assist you.    

What if I am homeless and need a place to stay for a night – can TREA help me?

Absolutely!   Depending on where you are, we can provide a night in a hotel and a good, hot breakfast.  This program is currently still in progress, so we might have some limitations on locality, but give us a call and we will see  what we can do. 

What exactly is the process and how long will it take before I receive anything?

Great question.  The first thing you have to do is apply.  The application is available by clicking HERE.  You can fill it out online and e-mail it back to us or you can print it out, fill it in and mail it back. Remember that if you opt for the online submission, your application may be received quicker, but it will not be processed until we have all the required documentation. 

Once you fill out the applications and submit, along with all the required documents, our team will review everything and make a decision based on fund availability.  You will have an answer to your application within 3-5 business days. 

What documentation will I need to ensure that my application is approved?

1).  Form DD-214 (or equivalent) showing your discharge status.  At this time, we are only providing assistance to those with an ‘HONORABLE’ status. 

2).  Copies or verification of the total income for the household.  This is for anyone in the household over the age of 18 who is not a full-time student.

3).  Copies or verification of all your bills and expenses.  This is important as we will work with you to create a workable financial budget to help you stay on track.  (this is not applicable to those seeking assistance for medical or emergency travel). Not submitting documentation of all of your expenses may delay your application and could prevent it from being approved.


How will I receive the money once my application is approved?

            All expenses will be paid directly to your creditor.   If you requested  assistance with food, a prepaid gift card will be sent to you.  We will not provide any  funds directly to you. (the only exception to this rule is in the case of medical/emergency travel).


My question wasn’t answered, how do I get more information on your assistance program(s)?

            Simply give us a call at 303-752-0660 or email us at [email protected]