Memorial Scholarship Application

Dear Memorial Foundation Scholarship Applicant:


Thank you for your interest in TREA: The Enlisted Association Memorial Foundation’s Scholarship Program. Your completed application must be returned to the Foundation Office and postmarked no later than April 30, 2018. Applications received after that postmarked date will not be considered.


To qualify for a Scholarship Award, you must be a child or grandchild of a member in good standing (deceased or otherwise) of TREA. Adults or emancipated children are not eligible. If an applicant is notified of award of another TREA scholarship grant from other TREA entities, i.e., the National Auxiliary or a Chapter, the Memorial Foundation Scholarship Award will be null and void. It is not fair for one applicant to receive more than one grant from TREA which in essence excludes other qualified applicants. Each applicant will be required to write a 300 word essay on the following topic: What is your opinion on term limits for House or Representatives and Congress?  Additionally, your application must be completed in its entirety.


All TREA Memorial Foundation Scholarship applications will be graded. Winners will be notified by letter of a scholarship grant and will be provided with corresponding forms to be completed and returned to the Foundation.

Please do not hesitate to call this office if you have any questions.


    For more information on our scholarship program please email the following.

 [email protected]

Send completed applications to the following
[email protected]

     833-TMF-HOPE (833-863-4673)