Welcome TREA Members at Large


TREA: The Enlisted Association is proud to unfold the new MAL information page. Feel free to send in to HQ or the IT Committee Chair your individual updates, activities, state legislative issues and other important information that needs to be shared.This site will be an ideal location for links you want to share as well as social media links.In Addition, other postings from the National President, TREA HQ, TREA Washington D.C. office, the TREA Board of Directors and Committee updates will also be posted. 

TREA: The Enlisted Association is calling on all Members At Large (MAL)s to respond to this new section of the TREA Website
We would like to hear what is going on in your area; especially with concern to our Vets along with the Active Duty/Reserve Component personnel.  We are putting out a special invite to all MAL's to check out the TREA 2018 National Convention at Ft. Walton Beach, Florida this year. Details are on the main website. We are also planning a deep sea Chartered fishing trip, so please get your requests in before Aug 1, 2018.  Please send in your messages about what you would like to see at this year's convention, or why you are unable to attend. 
MAL IYT Rep: Doug Osborne
TREA Director:  Phil Hilinski 

Check regularly for updates and send your information to msiggins@trea.org or directorhilinski@trea.org.