Distinguished Flying Cross Society
Sep 15-19:
Dayton OH
POC:  Warren Eastman, 33794 Channel St, Temecula CA 92592
 (760) 985–2810;   weastman@dfcsociety.org

ANGLICO Association in Denver CO
Oct 03–06
 POC:  Joe L. Luque, 2247 Randolph Street, Delano, CA. 93315; 
(661)  725–3415,  jlluque@sbcglobal.net,  ANGLICO Association web site are: http://www.1anglico.org/forums/
and https://www.facebook.com/AnglicoAssociation/
Marine Air Base Squadrons-49
7 Sep 2019
Reunion of former members to be held in Earlville, MD 
POC: Col Chuck McGarigle (Ret)
609-291-9617 or 609-284-2935